Kala Bazar

Kala Bazar

A man sells movie tickets on the black market, but starts to have a change of heart after he falls in love.

A man sells movie tickets on the black market, but starts to have a change of heart after he falls in love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kala Bazar torrent reviews

J M (mx) wrote: Too slow to develop, unclear where it was going, annoying characters. So gave up after~ 30 min.

Emily the F (de) wrote: One of the few movies I fell asleep watching at the cinema!

Bengel W (ag) wrote: Oddly enough for a teen movie this one actually has a script that is realistic and comes across as if the students have a brain. Alas their brains fail as they are into drugs, sex and spurious punk music making for the perfect teen. Sound and music are classy with the camera following the action with sufficient movement to make you feel as an intimate observer. Nibbles: Sausage Rolls.

Louis C (mx) wrote: Good story, good acting, brilliant cinematography. Loved it. Got me hooked on Quebecois cinema.

Alex C (ca) wrote: was my least favorite of ther inuyasha movies but still oksy

Lilianetty l (ag) wrote: My boricua Benicio, is a hit on films!And the quimic of him with Halle is fantastic! - Not bad at all :)

Jose F (ca) wrote: Tis movie was totally awesome me and my friend watched it like 8 times in 5 days! I LOVE THIS MOVIE

Brian P (it) wrote: Rats who eat contaminated grain that is laced with steroids (seriously) become huge and become pests to everyone they come across, just like most people who go on steroids. Anyway, the rats are soon the size of small dogs and go on an impressive killing spree, killing a cat, a baby (?!?), a couple of old people, and a Scatman Crothers. The leading man/hero doesn't do a thing in this movie (at one point his 8 year old son knows more) and yet is considered the hero because he hangs out. And he has two women throw themselves at him, which is fine if he was a good looking man and didn't look like Elliot Gould's less successful brother. on the plus side Lisa Langlois is a cutie and there is a train conductor that me and my brother thought looked like Eugene Levy's Gus character in "SCTV".

Maria M (it) wrote: Funny.. with a lot of emotional drama from both side of the families.

Catie Li M (us) wrote: Wonderful film, has some nice life lessons in it. Very fine acting, great classic.

Matthew R (nl) wrote: I liked the opening scene and it was overall a good movie.

Troy K (it) wrote: This one is a wonder, an incredible story that can't be brought down by the horrible acting. Definitely worth seeing.