Kala Dhanda Goray Log

Kala Dhanda Goray Log

Gourishankar is an eyewitness to the murder of an honest customs officer Sudarshan Kumar who dared to defy Jethia, the kingpin of an organization of cocaine smugglers called "Shangrila". The smugglers implicate Gourishankar in a false theft charge and his wife dies of shock. The evil organisation kills his son and kidnaps his daughter. Gourishankar only mission in life is to find his daughter and take revenge on Jethia.

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Gregg A (jp) wrote: Wow, very disappointing. Horrible. Start to finish.

Emilie R (au) wrote: Well...I really wish they had shown more...violence. I mean, the music was incredible, I'll give it that, but the sharks weren't doing anything except swimming around. IMO, if you're going to do a movie in 3D, make it exciting & intense to watch. And the only sharks they showed were ones that "were not harmful to humans" or mothers-to-be. They filmed dolphins & sea lions too, & talked about them at the most random times. To sum it all up, I felt it was way too kid friendly.

Annie M (fr) wrote: Had the potential to be awful and cliche but wasn't. Very interesting, funny, low budgeted and bittersweet movie, but I loved it. The two leads are exquisite and make us fall in love with these complex and troubled characters despite their obvious pitfalls. Jeremy Renner really breaks my heart in this one.

Tony H (mx) wrote: I picked this up because Tadanobu Asano is one of my favourite actors as I've heard a lot about director Kiyoshi Kurosawa. It's a very strange film and I suspect it'll put off a lot of people but those who stick with it will discover an enigmatic, deliberately paced movie with beautiful imagery and surprising range.

Anna R (ca) wrote: A basic rags to riches and money vs. morals -story. Nothing new. Actors were too good for this story.

richie r (br) wrote: smartly dumb funny...hwahahaha...

Scream Q (ca) wrote: Excellent! Great perfomances very touching!

Hal M (nl) wrote: Worth a look. I consider it one of Oliver Stone's better pictures, and a career highlight for lead James Woods. Yet hardly anybody saw it at the theatres--it was a total bomb.

Kevin S (ru) wrote: SUMMARY: For sixty years a mysterious monk has been protecting an ancient scroll from a madman. He now must find another protector. He finds it when he runs into Kar who is a pocket picking theif who has potential and only cares for himself. And when Kar saves the monk the two become partners and must save the scroll from the madman Strucker. REVIEW: I had fun watching this movie. The chemistry between Chow Yun-Fat and Seann William Scott was totally there and the mix between action and comedy I thought was a success too. The special effects were totally amazing which made up most of the fight scenes and were totally awesome. This was a really fun and entertaining movie to watch. Martial arts movies like this are to hard to pass up.

Brianmallgravehotmailcom B (au) wrote: Cool well done 70's quirky horror

Salley P (ag) wrote: I definitely had a hard time rating this film. After seeing it on Netflix, I was intrigued by the title so I watched it. In all, I think I enjoyed this peculiar movie, but I'm still quite not sure. The basic plot is that a woman is interviewing men on their fears and their desires, in relation to feminism. This is one of those movies that the scenes go back and forth so the audience doesn't exactly know what's going on. I'm sure most people were pretty confused, but I thought the structure of the movie made for a unique experience. In fact, I thought that was the highlight of the entire film. There are many actors and actresses in this film, and I thought that Krasinski did a good job in utilizing all of their acting abilities through quirky characters. I didn't know this film was based on a book, so I can't write anything in comparison to that, but I did feel like a lot of the dialogue said in this movie would have been better read on paper than said aloud. Overall, I think the movie is worth watching, not for trying to get something out of it, but just to have an interesting experience, if that makes any sense...