The setting is Kumbakonam, where Seenu (Vimal), tries to keep the fire burning in the kitchen of his famous ancestral restaurant Masala Café. It is tough job for Seenu to keep the place running, but with the help of the old chef and grand-daughter, Maya (Oviya), he somehow manages it. Seenu also borrows liberally from Anjuvatti Alagesan (Ilavarasu), and is in no position even to pay back his interest. Soon enough, there is Madhavi (Anjali), the new Health Inspector who wants the place to be sealed, but soon ends up falling in love with Seenu. Meanwhile, Seenu’s brother Raghu (Shiva) a smooth talking con man enters the scene and creates more complications. He falls for Maya.

Kalakalappu is a story of two brothers and their quest to save their café. Cheenu manages the café while Raghu is in prison. Cheenu's café fails the health inspector Madhavi's test and is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kalakalappu torrent reviews

Trouble S (de) wrote: Hilarious! Want to watch with family.

Cam V (gb) wrote: It has a beginning and an ending. The ending was the best part because the movie was over and we didn't have to put up with it any longer. It's not worth it. It's attempts at comedy, action and drama fail. It's set in Africa and some birds have Indian accents! Come on! So DO NOT watch this.

Adam M (mx) wrote: Great shorts. Cool Twists. Thought provoking.

Bill N (fr) wrote: ho hum! without eddie murphy, not worth watching anymore. kyra pratt can't hold up the franchise by heself.

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Ker Malkin G (de) wrote: An absolutely compelling performance from Imelda Staunton.

Chris H (ag) wrote: I think Jean Reno is one of the worst actors, Hollywood has to offer. This is a borefest from the opening credits.

Becky M (nl) wrote: three words......WHAT THE FUCK?!

Jenn M (de) wrote: I wasn't amazed by this, nor was I disappointed. As a film noir fan, i did enjoy this, as it was definately in the style, however, the plot was very intricate and almost confusing at times. Film noir's typically have a crazy story and twist ending but this wasn't much of a twist ending. It was fairly predictable from the very beginning and I found that I lost interest pretty quick.

Melody B (nl) wrote: I ejoyed this movie.

Marjorie W (us) wrote: My dad (rest his soul) and me LOVED this film

Private U (jp) wrote: Absolutely un-Fassbinder like.

Hatem A (ca) wrote: 3.0/4.0Woody Allen continues his satirical string of movies with "Sleeper", which is set in the future where Miles Monroe (Allen), a 1973 guy who was unknowingly cryogenically frozen is awakened 200 years later by a group of scientists to a time when America is predominantly a police state with a dictator ruler. He is asked to spy on a secret plan called the "Aires Project". He disguises himself as a robot and finds himself serving socialite Luna (Diane Keaton) who eventually joins him in his quest. The movie is in a way the futuristic equivalent of "Bananas" (although the 1971 movie works better on some levels) with its political themes and it also finds Allen continuing to infuse the silliest-sounding ideas and making them work - like his character winning the Miss America pageant, having sex in and by a machine that looks like a teleportation device and scheme involve the country's leader's nose. This is yet another exercise by Allen in slapstick and while there are not too many laugh-out-loud moments, the movie is enjoyable enough and has Allen's usual brief running time. The movie's futuristic look is quite good especially given the era in which it was made.

James H (de) wrote: Barbara Stanwyck didn't make that many period pieces, so it is a bit of an unusual role for her. As always, she is magnificent. Good costumes and sets, a bit on the melodramatic side but still very interesting. Okay supporting cast. Not one of Stanwyck's best, but it remains a fine film.

Christopher V (jp) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all-time. I loaned my DVD to someone and now I forget who.

Tom D (fr) wrote: Sort of quirky (but tries too hard) with some really good moments, but made in a rush and it shows.

Nicole T (au) wrote: I was shocked by how emotionally invested I realized I was by the end of the movie. Definitely a must see for fans of slasher movies. 4 stars