Kalavani is romantic comedy film. Two villages in Thanjavur area are always at loggerheads with each other and it spills even to T20 cricket match between kids from both the villages. Arikki @ Arivazhagan (Vimal) is a wayward son of Lakshmi (Saranya Ponvannan) who is in awe at the same time fears him. Her husband Ramasamy (Ilavarasu) is away in Dubai and a large part of the money he sends home is taken away by Arikki using extortionist methods like threatening to break the TV set at home. He yet to pass his 12th standard spends his time in bars with his friends, teases girls and asks them to profess their love for him, and gets into brawls after conning others. He meets Maheshwari (Oviya) and wants her to declare her love for him, which she finally confesses. Her brother Ilango (Thirumurugan) is a tough guy who has an axe to grind against Arikki and his gang, which leads to the twist in the climax.

Vimalraj (the grubby Meenakshi Sundaram from Pasanga) is the ill-behaved son of the gullible Saranya and her husband Ilavarasu. Vimalraj's financial needs are met by his susceptible mother,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael B (jp) wrote: Finally,an all inclusive climate film...Solutions and a conversation for the middle of the political spectrum. Cracks me up,the NY Times thinks it's not liberal enough and the NY Post thinks it's too far left.Seems just about right!

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Lee M (es) wrote: A handsome and convincing picture of a region and people in turmoil.

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Chase I (fr) wrote: One of the most underrated movies I know of. My childhood wouldn't have been complete without it.

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Jeff H (nl) wrote: DeLouise is fantastic and I love Wilder and Radner. Tries to be Mel Brooks, and I suppose it almost gets there, but it gets lost in too many plot points and doesn't hit the comedy as much as you'd want. c+

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magd f (us) wrote: this film is one of my best films &i hope to see it again

Gina H (gb) wrote: A bit slow in moments

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