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Kalavaramaye Madilo

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Simon P (es) wrote: During the twenty years since the original film so much time and money was invested in using alien technology to strengthen military force and defence systems that funding for script writers was unfortunately reduced to zero.

Richard D (ca) wrote: Well ... I have to admit that this isn't an outright awful movie, it's competently made and all that, but I really hate it. It's the kind of film where everybody appears to have been so self-congratulatory about making a film that supports the brave statement that whales shouldn't die pointlessly, that they really didn't put much effort into making a decent film. The story is populated by 2 dimensional characters, dull, predictable plot points and lazy acting. I feel insulted that a major studio wasted my time with this pablum.

Vicky M (ca) wrote: More of a family film but still one you might enjoy . Fantastic , cute , funny , and freaky

Vithiet L (fr) wrote: Interesting idea. The first half is great: the expressionless acting, strange music and confusing storyline help build up the mysterious atmosphere. But in the middle it sort of falls flat: expressionless acting is just bad acting, strange music is just out of place and the big reveals and denouement are a bit of a let down.

Steve S (de) wrote: ** (out of four) Strange horror/fantasy film about a serial killer who is killed and then gets into the electrical system. He finds more inventive ways to kill people, using electrical appliances. His ultimate victim is a single mom (Karen Allen). Odd idea that never works.

Jason S (gb) wrote: This might just be my favorite Disney movie.

Justin B (mx) wrote: Considering that I thought this was comedy God the first time I saw it, it's paled significantly. Loosely plotted but it has good intentions and there are some hilarious cameos. Jane Lynch steals the show.

Andrew G (ag) wrote: Underrated and very hilarious.