In this made-for-TV drama, a family friend (Donald Moffat) hires gumshoe John Chapman (Perry King) to find and reunite three sisters (Jaclyn Smith, Patricia Kalember and Claudia Christian) estranged by fate for 30 years. The circuitous trail leads Chapman from the Big Apple to Beantown to the City of Light. His investigation, however, opens the door to disturbing revelations about a forgotten past. Colleen Dewhurst and Terry O'Quinn co-star.

A private eye is hired to reunite three sisters who have been separated for a long time, all of whom have well guarded secrets of the past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff S (br) wrote: I'm not sure how so many people could say this movie is bad. I found it very enjoyable.

Rick Q (us) wrote: Other than the characters being very nerdy and weird, I don't see why many reviews compare Eagle vs. Shark to Napoleon Dynamite, calling it a weaker version. As far as story telling, plot and style of humor, I don't really see the comparison. I personally loved Eagle vs. Shark. It has some very funny moments, with some good dark humor sprinkled in. I would definitely recommend this one.

adam u (br) wrote: Kelly Hu was underused in the movie as was Roselyn Sanchez. It was still enjoyable though

Hannason L (fr) wrote: The film that is most near and dear to my heart. I've seen it at the very least 15 times and still find new details I hadn't noticed before. Michel Gondry is a genius. This film is truly one of a kind.

Troy F (es) wrote: My Neighbours The Yamadas stands out as one of the odd ones of the Studio Ghibli library. Odd as in, it's vastly different from anything else from the studio. The film doesn't have a consistent plot structure, but is rather a series of shorts and scenarios following the daily mishaps, struggles. and traditional dysfunctional and bonding values of a family known as the Yamadas. Unsurprisingly, this is based on a series of Japanese comic strips, and it shows through the animation style, which is also vastly different from any other Ghibli films, going for a minimalistic watercolour animation style that's reminiscent of newspaper comics. Anyhow, it's difficult to know if the film succeeds at what it's trying to do, let alone understanding what it IS trying to do. If it's as simple as it appears to be, than good! It outlines that families can have many misadventures, struggles in relationships, and disagreements, but it's through the struggles that we learn to bond that much closer, and that in even the worst of situations, family members must stick together and fight off the negatives in order to preserve the positives and keep their ties in place. If it's supposed to be much more than that, than I don't get it. I watched the Japanese subbed version, and questioned whether I should've watched the English dub, which usually translates Eastern references to more understandable Western references. I'm not sure since I haven't seen that version, but a lot of the shorts end with quotes from historical Japanese figures that aren't very clear to Westerns like myself.While a lot of viewers of traditional Ghibli films may not be prepared for what this film offers, it's a refreshing change and experiment for the studio, and its play on family values and generational gaps that separate the adults from kids makes for a light, simple, occasionally funny and enjoyable film. While it's Eastern culture may be lost on some Western viewers, a lot of values and scenarios aren't far off from what many families may deal with, so a good number of them come across well enough. I should note that the family dynamic represented here is of the late 90's pre-digital age, so while many of its values do hold up, its representations of a family environment are obviously not as current. Doesn't hurt the film by any means, but may be noteworthy to younger viewers. If you were put off from watching this because of how radically different it appears from other Ghibli stuff (I was for a while), give it a chance, and expect a film that is light and a bit slow, but charming and interesting.

Alan D (ca) wrote: Not a great movie or maybe even a good one, but I'm giving it 3 for being different than the normal Hollywood movie. Some creative action sequences, decent visual effects, and a diverse cast push this from garbage to mediocre.

Tom M (br) wrote: Fantasia mixes some excellent music with Disney's animation talent to make a perfect mix of sound and sight.

Joaqun U (mx) wrote: La mejor escena de personajes hablando sobre el amor

Keith R (br) wrote: this is a great movie

Amanda C (gb) wrote: Mon Oncle Antoine is uneven in places, and needs to be trimmed a tad, but overall provides a wonderful portrait of a young boy's coming of age. Jurta captures all of the awkwardness that comes with the transition to an adult along with the realization that you don't ever want to become your parents.

Kati V (au) wrote: I'm not a belieber, but the kid's got talent!!

Heather M (br) wrote: Morse and Monteith deliver amazing performances, but the story is just not great. There are no surprises or twists here. It is just a long hour and a half of watching a shady cop make shady moves against a perfectly innocent person that he set up years ago.

Charles P (jp) wrote: Not terrible, not particularly funny, just plain mediocre.

Ben F (au) wrote: Hilarious and fitting big screen adaptation/return from our old buffoonish mates.

Mike M (ca) wrote: More of a story through music than dialogue.

Chris S (kr) wrote: I don't know why I've waited this long to watch this underrated Disney movie! It's got fun characters and great music from Alan Menken (as always).