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Kali Topi Lal Rumal


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Andrea S (de) wrote: I watched this movie on my way to Iceland last week. I couldn't stop talking about it the entire trip. In fact, it shaped my stay. It is very original, funny, shocking and prolific. I watched it again on the way home and enjoyed it even more. Gorgeous scenery and shocking people!

Alain G (fr) wrote: Goeie film met een goed verhaal. Heeft me blijven boeien, en een toch wel speciaal einde! Bekijken, zou ik zeggen!

Karina A (nl) wrote: I love this movie PETER

arissa g (fr) wrote: i really want to see this

Shayla S (jp) wrote: I picked up this DVD at Target not knowing exactly what to expect and now it's one of my favorite movies to watch over and over again....

Phil C (it) wrote: Depressingly tragic, yet also tragically humorous. To place so much faith in a system and a state which wouldn't exist after the nuclear holocaust they survived.

Scott K (us) wrote: Minor Herzog. The plot was strikingly similar "The Last Wave" (the lead even looks a lot like Richard Chamberlain!), and I don't think it's quite as insightful as that film, nor is it as aestheitically enjoyable. Herzog does some interesting things, but it's ultimately it's just not really suited to his strengths. Mildly recommended though.

Black S (jp) wrote: US Infantry vs. Fanatical oriental Communist forces in blood-soaked battle: 1953 Korea! ("They're not just Orientals, They're Communists!!"). Ranks with "Lost Command" for showing accurate military tactics. The actual person Pecks persona is based on was the technical adviser. This film recreates actual events, and with hardcore but antiwar Ukrainian Director Lou Milestone at the helm, we know we are getting the real deal here. Awesome musical score and solid cast of future greats & solid character actors makes this a must-see that veterans will appreciate as being damn near as close as it gets without real bullets and artillery flying at you...Notable for including Japanese-American & Black actors in the cast, a big deal at the time of it's making, portraying them as Men rather than stereotypes: showing the improved Army after they had proved themselves in WW2 & the then new abolishment of racist segregation in the military, which only added to the realism the film effectively projects. A Great time-capsule (before Peck, a'la Eastwood, caved in to the Hollywood SAG "politically-correct" crowd who never grasped what this essentially anti-war film, was all about, preferring the overly-simplistic "America is Evil" line personified by "Racist with credentials" Oliver Stone and similar ilk). Pork Chop Hill and director Milestone's vision stands firmly in the face of such faddishness and still gets to the point as directly as a kick in the genitals-even today!. Grab a tub of buttered popcorn and get into it...You will be a better person for the effort...Don't miss it!

Cooper H (mx) wrote: There isn't much of anything to nitpick from this movie outside of having a predictable story, but the characters are so great that it doesn't really matter. It's funny, charming, and keeps you smiling throughout.

Holly F (kr) wrote: A beautiful movie, I'm glad that a new Hercules movie was made and a better one at that. Although the Hercules tv series will always be the best. We get to see the tragedy of Hercule's past and his relationship with the golden deer woman.

Grant H (au) wrote: Pretty good. Awesome cast.