A journalist duo go on a tour of serial killer murder sites with two companions, unaware that one of them is a serial killer himself.

The movie follows focuses on a journalist duo traveling cross-country to research serial killings. They then are accompanied by another couple, beunknownst to them, one of the two companions is a serial killer himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris E (nl) wrote: WOW. I really tired to give this the benefit of the doubt, but damn. It was NOT DIRECTED BY HYPE!! it was Ivan Frank, who should be beat with a sock full of pennies. alo who ever told game he could act needs to be punched in the scrote. NAS and DMX are NOT in this film either, so who ever put that in the info box needs to stop smoking those rocks. that being said, this movie SUCKED for the following reasons;1: no matter what anyone tried to tell you, Films SHOULD NOT be made with DV cameras. period.2: Films require actors, and no body in this travisty had ANY IDEA on how to act. Period3: Films require some sort of story, which after an hour and a half i was still looking for.4: The score was SO UNEVEN, it sounded like some ten year olds mix tape of fruityloops abruptly thrown happhazardly with NO INSIGHT or musical thought.5: Belly wasnt perfect, but DAMN, at least it had some production value, This film looks like it was made in the someones grandmas' basement. 6:Uninspired and choppy editing tried so hard to make this look like a music video when there was nothing musical or halfway moving about the images.----the worst part is i watched this on the web and i STILL want my money back.

Michele M (jp) wrote: This movie is horrible. I walked out in 15minutes. This movie just seems so dated and ridiculous.

Ali M (ru) wrote: What an absolutely wonderful entertaining movie. Thisis a great movie for the whole family and very wonderful characters in it. What is wrong with the Hollywood people whom were not interested in this movie. I guess they are after all the digitally mastered movies that capture the awe of people. You can't get much better than this movie with all stunts and no digital generation. I rather enjoy all live stunts and no animation. The characters in this were down to earth and you could just absorb the boys as if they were your own.I saw it at the Atlanta Film Festival and hope that it gets a nationwide release eventually. What a great director. My hat's off to you.

Brennan M (br) wrote: Fantastic movie... Digweed KILLS IT at the end! Great Music all around!

Kevin D (ru) wrote: Ten years ago today, I saw State and Main at the now defunct Siegen Village 10 in the 7:00 hour in the "Saving Grace room".

Dustin I (nl) wrote: Not terrible but not exactly tolerable!

Wade W (ca) wrote: Awful all around and hard to sit through. The only mildly funny part in the whole movie is when they carry a dead guy around acting like he's alive, and thats only funny cause the dead guy kind of looked like frank zappa.

Private U (kr) wrote: For one of AFI's best romances of all time, this movie certainly leaves something to be desired when it comes to its representation of love. The main couple share some charming moments before actually deciding that they're in love, but once they do, the rest of the story is essentially hellos, goodbyes, and fervent hugs and kisses. Whereas the couple once had interesting conversations about life and destiny, at a certain point they only speak of how much they love each other, and all of the substance of their relationship is gone. Finally, modern feminism must frown upon this movie; it's full of moments in which the woman concedes all decision-making power to the man, even saying things to the effect of "I'm weak" and "I'll do whatever you want me to do." In all, this story could be compelling if the relationship were more substantive and less cringe-worthy in terms of male-female equality.

Les L (ca) wrote: Island living until you realize that if you live alone, on an island... It's not living at all.

Senor C (nl) wrote: A meteorite crashes to earth & Boris Karloff uses its radioactive power to grow some awesome sized plants (he should have grown some weed; there would be buds the size of my leg) but he make the mistake of taking fragments inside therefore giving just about everyone a form of cancer eventually turning them into hidious killer monsters. Great title & a great idea just poorly executed.

Alexander Z (nl) wrote: I'll watch anything with John Goodman and John Malkovich in it, but boy is this not worth it. There's a lot of dialogue, but the problem is most of it isn't compelling, as if the actors were improvising on shooting the shit for 90 minutes.On the other hand, nice minimalist score. Reminded me of The Kingdom in places.