Kaliyattam is an adaptation of Shakespeare's 'Othello' seen through the local traditional theatrical dance form of Theyyam, in which the actor takes on a divine dimension - as soon as he wears his mask and his headgear.

Depiction of shakesperian novel 'othello' in another background,where Suresh gopi plays the role of kannan(othello) . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kaliyattam torrent reviews

Anu M (fr) wrote: I prefer the original version of this plot. "Chandramukhi" is way better than this . But I did enjoy watching it. Who said Vidya Balan can't dance??? She was pretty good in the traditional moves. Her acting was naturally very good!N i loved the setting! The palace was very pretty. N so were all the props n locations. Nice work Mr Priyadarshan!

BellaRay (mx) wrote: This cover is not delicious.

gustavmarkovic31 (ag) wrote: a moronic storyline full of moronic actors, with moronic dialogue and a whole heap of moronic plot happenings. it's hard to see why anyone bothered, pretty much everything about this film was low-key and droll. it's impressive what they managed to train the dogs to do, but it can't really distract the audience of what a boring film it is. the best thing about it is the nice, jazzy tune that plays along with the end credits.

Philip E (au) wrote: Love this movie if you are watching a JCVD movie for acting you are watching it for the wrong reasons