Kalle Stropp, Grodan Boll och deras vänner

Kalle Stropp, Grodan Boll och deras vänner


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Kalle Stropp, Grodan Boll och deras vänner torrent reviews

Matthew B (us) wrote: Only a few words are needed to sum up the most appropriate review for this movie; BROTHERHOOD, RESPECT and GUTS. An excellent depiction of the term "Band of Brothers", solidified by a standout cast. AMERICA!!!

Karin B (br) wrote: Cannot wait to see more from Jason Goode and Dylan Jenkinson - NUMB is an amazing first film! Worth the watch for darkly humorous moments, slow-match intensity, gorgeous cinematography and score. Colin Cunningham is a total scene stealer who'll continue to give you chills when it's all done. When it all goes sideways (think Coen brothers) Aleks Paunovic, Marie Avgeropoulos, Jamie Bamber and Stefanie von Pfetten really deliver. Standing ovation for Aleks. Hard to believe it was low-budget and shot in THREE weeks. I want to see more from Goode and Jenkinson!

kim f (br) wrote: seems incredibly boring if i wanted a nap i would watch paint dry

Oliver N (jp) wrote: As we've come to expect from Tom Hanks, his commanding role steers Cast Away from being a dull, lengthy drama to an exciting, fascinating one. Apart from a more sentimental ending, the whole runtime has you glued to your seat... And is yet another showcase of Tom Hanks' immense dramatic talent.Verdict: A

Robert Z (au) wrote: Still hilarious in 2015! Dreyfuss and Murray are superb!

Cristian L (us) wrote: This rating is for the overall quality of the film. The sheer hilarity of the film is 5 stars.

Joo C (nl) wrote: tenho que rever esse filme para dar uma nova avaliao. Quando eu assisti esse filme eu ainda era criana, e no me lembro da histria direito.

Walter K (nl) wrote: This movie is the ultimate classic summer camp movie.

Richard S (ag) wrote: Gripping thriller. My heart was pounding and I was glued to the screen. Excellent acting, good cinematography, and a wonderful story that brought the U.S. together for a week.

Alex S (it) wrote: The cinematography is masterful, but it can't make up for the beyond pretentious voice overs and nonsense narrative delivery. A major disappointment from an excellent director.

Scott C (it) wrote: One of Richard Dreyfuss' last major roles, but wow, this was sappy!