The movie show us how life was in Argentina for dissident people, in the seventies, under the military government.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Spanish,Swahili
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,   escape,   boy,  

The film is seen through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy, Harry (Matías del Pozo), who does not know that Argentina's 1976 coup d'état is impacting his life. After witnessing the "... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Liliane S (de) wrote: Disappointing. Predictable and flat. My expectations were too high because Hyun Bin is the main character.

Sai V (ru) wrote: Everything about this screams amazing.

Giorgos V (ca) wrote: Xm, vlepetai (ego giati to eida den xero)

Caitlin L (mx) wrote: Love Patrick Dempsey in this movie. Love the two of them together. Kind of slow getting started.

Justin A (kr) wrote: This movie is awful. After an intriguing intro, the movie falls flat about 20 minutes into it. I couldn't even finish it, because it was so bad.

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 82%Saw this on 21/2/15Clint Eastwood need to be given credit for making an unthinkable movie like this. It would not have been this much praise worthy had it been a Japanese film because Americans making film about Americans and the same way around with Japanese is just usual, but when an American director makes a film about Japanese people and their efforts at war and the perils of war itself, then it's something rare. As a film, Letters from Iwo Jima is ok, with great visual effects and moving performances, but compared to the rest of the Eastwood films like Mystic River, Gran Torino, A Perfect World etc, it slightly lacks suspense and tension.

Bri R (kr) wrote: A Film Worth Remembering. Taking place in Virginia, "Remember the Titans" brings the tensions of integration to life. The film follows the struggles of a football fanatic town as their high school, and football team, integrate. Coach Boone, an African American man, is sent in to fill the position of head coach, knocking out, well known and well loved, head coach Yoast. Though the two men faced their own issues of pride and difference in coaching styles, they battle to overcome their differences and develop a bond that will carry over to their players. Denzel Washington, Coach Boone, encounters racism throughout the entirety of the film. At one point a member of the local black community comes to Boone, asking him to decline the head coach position to keep the town peaceful. Boone responds, "I just can't do that." His wife then walks into the room telling him there's something he needs to see outside. As soon as he steps onto the porch, applause fills the night air. The street was completely filled with members of his community. He stood in awe as they displayed their love and support. The world would do well to learn from Boone's character. We need more people who are willing to not only stand up for what they believe in, but to stand by it - no matter who is trying to push them down. Boone refuses to be bullied or belittled. I'd love to see him and Trump go head to head. Some of the most monumental moments of the film take place at Boone's boot camp. As the boys are loading the buses, Gerry Bertier, former team captain, approaches Coach Boone telling him who plays which position and that Boone's black players are basically not needed. Boone stands closer to Gerry and in a soft stern voice tells him to take a good long look at his mama because she's not coming on the bus with him. He says, "Now when you get on that bus, you know who your daddy is right? Who's your daddy Gerry?" At this moment, Boone demands respect from the leader of the white half of his new football team. He also establishes that he is a family man, and he fully intends to turn this team into a family. After seating everyone on the bus by position, therefore integrating the buses, Boone announces that the player they are sitting next to will also be their roommate at camp. Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell, new promising player, find themselves sitting next to each other but have no idea their friendship will become unshakeable, and eventually their example leads not only the team, but the town. The moment their movement starts is after they complete a good play at camp. Gerry excitedly shoves Julius and yells, "LEFT SIDE!" Julius hesitantly looks at Gerry for a moment, then shoves back yelling, "STRONG SIDE!" The chant continues as they grab each other by the jersey and come head to head. Physically, it looks as if they are about to kill each other. They are quite literally butting heads. However, the emotion of this scene is high as it is the first moment that racial barriers truly begin to fall within the team. The two join the forces of their influence to start truly integrating the team. When the season officially starts, the Titans begin winning games, and the town erupts. It seems nothing could possibly go wrong, but like any good film, "Remember the Titans" calls an audible, that will surely toss the audience the most stressful trick play yet. It will have the audience cheering and crying along with the well developed characters. Director Boaz Yakin took it to the endzone with this film. Not only was he able to capture the emotion and tension of the time period, he managed to do so in a family friendly way. The film refrains from major profanity and racial terms, if only our presidential candidate could do the same. The film is well paced and well spaced. All in all, this sports drama might be one of Yakin's best films yet. Although this film is 16 years old, it remains incredibly relevant as our society faces racial and sexual discrimination. We could learn from Boone's integrity, respect, and leadership. It wouldn't hurt for us to brush up on the loyalty, virtue, perseverance and friendship displayed by Gerry and Julius. "Remember the Titans" is indeed worth remembering; many of the issues handled within the film need to be handled in today's world. As viewers follow the movement and growth of their favorite characters, it's no surprise they too will leave with the desire to become better and help make our society one history will want to remember.

Veniea T (fr) wrote: Dolph was no bruce lee but it was a really nice movie

Byron B (us) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR and at the oscars

Kelvin J (ca) wrote: loved it, generation of comedy

Jesse F (us) wrote: There is some fun to be had with gory deaths and an awesome finale but as the movie goes on it starts to drag in places.

Anthony L (fr) wrote: Zatoichi the Outlaw sees Ichi save a local Sensei from a greedy mob boss. Plenty of gambling and fighting etc, it's all a bit same old same old until the last 20 mins where we see lots of action and gore - well worth the wait.

Maxine H (us) wrote: a very good Montgomery Clift movie

Fred W (ca) wrote: This film is funny if your British.

Alex A (br) wrote: Sloppy cinematography, simplistic dialogue, boring characters and repetitive action, Getaway is what you want to do halfway into it. Selena Gomez contributes nothing to the film aside from being the generic tech savvy teen who annoyingly nags for most of her screen time, Ethan Hawke phones it in and the head scratching camera angle choice of staring at Jon Voight's crusty old mouth all the time was nauseating. Not much else needs to be said, Getaway is unremarkable and feels like a forgettable straight to DVD flick. A real car crash is more entertaining.

Tyler E (jp) wrote: Despite a plot that sometimes treads into faulty horror-movie logic and perhaps a bit too much unnecessary gore, the Ruins often succeeds at getting under the skin and making you squirm. [B-]