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The twinbrothers Sietse and Hielke Klinkhamer want to raise money for their ill friend, Marieke.

Kameleon 2 is a 2005 Dutch family film with as main characters identical twins Koen van der Donk (Hielke Klinkhamer) and Jos van der Donk (Sietse Klinkhamer), also identical twins, born 6 March 1988. It is a sequel of De Schippers van de Kameleon, with these same characters and actors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Nicki M (de) wrote: Watched a bit, didn't appeal to me.

Ken P (es) wrote: I just didn't see the point in the movie at all. It was 4 fourty year old guys who during the first half of the movie did as much drugs and drinking as humanly possible then it takes a dark turn and goes in a totally different direction. Two small positives of the movie was the soundtrack and the excellent cast, that is the only reason it didn't get just one star. I am not sure if I just missed the point in it, but another movie I woulda certainly turned off halfway through if I wasn't bored at work and playing on my phone anyway.

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Joy H (mx) wrote: Who could beat a Shirley Temple movie.

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