Kamilla og tyven

Kamilla og tyven

Orphan Kamilla moves in with her rich uncle who lives in Kristiansand, Norway in the early 1900, Norway. Her uncles wife however does not approve of Kamilla and want to send her to a ...

Kamilla and the Thief (Kamilla og Tyven) is a Norwegian family movie from 1988 directed by Grete Salomonsen and produced by her husband Odd Hynnekleiv. The movie is an adaption from a Norwegian children's novel by Kari Vinje, and is the first feature film of renowned Norwegian actor Dennis Storhøi and also stars 80's pop idol Morten Harket in a minor role. Kamilla and the Thief was a huge success in Norway, selling half a million tickets (in a country of 4.5 million people). It was so popular that a sequel was made, Kamilla and the Thief II, which was released the year after. In 2005 both movies were digitally restored and released on DVD. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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