Kan Kan Men Bhagwan

Kan Kan Men Bhagwan

A lower-caste devotee of Bhagwan Shri Krishan faces life-threatening challenges from upper-caste and wealthy people.

A lower-caste devotee of Bhagwan Shri Krishan faces life-threatening challenges from upper-caste and wealthy people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pamela D (ru) wrote: JUG FACE (2013) IndependentWRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Chad Crawford KinkleFEATURING: Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter, Kaitlin Cullum, Larry Fessenden, David Greathouse, Katie Groshong, Scott Hodges, Alex Maizus, Daniel Manche, Chip Ramsey GENRE: HORRORTAGS: hoodooRATING: 8 PINTS OF BLOODPLOT: A young woman faces a moral dilemma when she is targeted by a mysterious, bloodthirsty entityCOMMENTS: With shadings of Pumpkinhead (1988), Rawhead Rex (1986), and Population 436 (2006), Jug Face is an updating of Shirley Jackson's short story, The Lottery. Creative nuances and good timing keep things interesting, giving it a unique feel.Despite a colorful theme of human sacrifice, Jug Face is no camp-fest. While set in the Appalachian backwoods, the film is free of insulting clichs and cartoon stereotypes. Quick hints and flashes of carnage make the gruesome goings-on good and scary, instead of sophomorically transforming the story into a gory makeup effects smorgasbord. Refreshingly for a horror film, there's no stilted exposition. Less is more, and enough information is conveyed by the characters' actions that we get the gist of the situation, which is all we need. Any extra would make the story silly and the filmmakers understand this.And what is conveyed in Jug Face is that in the deep hills, there's a small cluster of inhabitants who maintain an insular, intact community since the time of their pioneer ancestors. Back in those days, a gurgling, blood-filled pit in the middle of the woods kept the crops from failing, healed their smallpox, and kept calamity at bay. The locals have paid tribute to it ever since. Sadly, it's a hungry little pit. The spirit who inhabits it has developed a hankering for human flesh. These days the only calamity is the tantrum the pit throws if it doesn't get its fill, so the followers see that it does. When the pit entrances a local potter to make a jug with a particular resident's face on it, it's sacrifice time. The backwoodsmen hasten to bring the chosen neighbor to the chopping block so they can receive the pit's continued protection. But what good is the protection if it means anyone can die, not from pox or famine, but from being sacrificed? Not much, according to young Ada (Lauren Ashley Carter) who decides to defy tradition upon discovering that she's the star of the latest blood-letting.Her decision to resist however, causes all manner of mayhem as the hungry spirit in the pit reaches out for alternative flesh -abducting neighbors at random and dragging them kicking and screaming to its subterranean abode, leaving bloody trails of entrails and dismembered limbs along the way.Jug Face is fun and fresh. There's no belabored dialogue, or melodrama in Jug Face. Every scene contributes to the whole and moves the story alongJug Face doesn't offer any great revelations. There's no twist ending, but the denouement spares us a Tinseltown-mandated "happy" resolution. When the credits roll you'll realize you've enjoyed a simple and straightforward, but effective horror story.

JY S (au) wrote: Dong-won Kim's R2B: Return to Base goes for the top gun.For a 110 minutes of screen time, the excitement is lacking. The story is predictable and a number of the characters are underdeveloped. There are moments when the film is seemingly trying to be funny, but it never reaches the pinnacle of laughter.The jet and action sequences are passable. Once the end credits finish rolling, there isn't much to remember about any of it. There is also a heavy reliance on CG, which is decent enough. Still, all the military hardware is the highlight of the film.Rain does have his moments, although not award winning. Shin Se-kyung has a pretty face, but delivers a performance more geared toward a drama. The rest of the cast do what they can with the characters they are given.R2B: Return to Base has its share of pros and cons. At the end of the day, it is a watchable film out of Korea.

Lee M (es) wrote: Many of the ideas here are quite interesting and the aesthetic and production value are quite impressive considering the budget, but this works more as a talent reel for a gifted actress and a director that might fare better with some else's script.

JD H (it) wrote: Really good movie. Very solid acting and great music. Won't appeal to the self-absorbed snotty critics who are looking for tortured angst, but your family will love it!

Nollaig K (ca) wrote: that was one emotional film, set in a reform school or borstal in ireland at the outbreak of WW2, adaina quinn stars a a lay teacher who starts teaching at the school, the film deals with child abuse, priest raping the boys and so on and quinn trying to make a change, there is no happy ending to this

Leo K (jp) wrote: For some reason, this reminded me a lot of Harry Potter & a bit of lord of the rings. I wouldn't be surprised if the the art direction for those 2 movies was inspired at least slightly by this movie. Anyways, an interesting take on life after death, with an element of adventure, love, and mind-fuck, all mixed into one. Cuba Gooding was pointless, in my opinion, and gave it that cheesy hollywood-style feel. Decent otherwise.

Bill B (ca) wrote: A fairly boring sequel that does little except further complicate the story established in the first film.A curiosity for completists, though it's now been disavowed once Ringu 2 was made by Hideo Nakata.Rental?

Anatoly S (mx) wrote: Milos Forman's version of "The Dangerous Liaisons" is more whimsical than the 1988 film and at it's core is a romantic anti-romance film. Great performances, costumes and sets are the usual for Forman and everything is in check here. If you're not bored by period pieces then CHECK IT OUT.

Henry L (jp) wrote: Very interesting film about inter-faith relationships during a time were faith was under attack (WW2). The director also uses great shots of Israel as well.

Guye J (kr) wrote: Classic 1986 film! Richard Pryor did a great directing his life story in this movie.

Shaun R (kr) wrote: Its just a fun movie.. I wouldn't be so critical of its shortcomings.

Soo Hian F (us) wrote: moody, eye opening look at longing and prejudice. really makes u feel for the characters, to wish them well.

Edwin R (mx) wrote: Hay que verla como lo que es... un antiguo documento de propaganda.

Hrant B (fr) wrote: Fairly ok movie, good cast, predictable script. Nothing special, a low budgeted movie that isn't worth watching. The movie teaches us two lessons, don't judge a book by its cover and don't live with lost hope.

Robert C (ca) wrote: Wesley Snipes is a ex-soldier whose girl friends brother was killed in his division. Now by a very unfortunate case of mistaken identity... in which some secret government people inject poor old Wesley with a drug that makes him susceptible to anything they suggest... meanwhile real government officials are using him to trace the fake ones. No brainier action flick... with a lack of action. No martial arts again except one fifteen second fight in a coffee shop, as this is the first main bit of action in the whole movie it gets your hopes up for no reason. Few explosions and not enough shooting. Good scene with an old tanker hanging off a bridge with Wesley attached. However most of the movie is just Wesley believing things that aren't real and people talking about it. Not unstoppable... more like... shuffling with intent.

Chris M (au) wrote: It's like the writer was like "LET'S GIVE'EM ONE BACK!" This film would have been a hit in the months following the Pearl Harbor attacks.