September, 1944. It's the 56th day of Warsaw's uprising against the Nazis. The third Platoon of the Resistance is down to 43 heroic men and women, and they're penned in. After a last day of fighting, and of good-byes to family, to love making, and to music, a handful of doomed survivors wade into the city's underground sewers in hopes of escape. Their valor is tested a final time.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:Polish,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   suicide,   panic,  

A symbolic depiction of hell on Earth, set in the last days of the Warsaw uprising in 1944. Lieutenant Zadra is commanding a company of 43 men in a desperate battle amidst the ruins. Facing... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian E (br) wrote: "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates" has an interesting plot and sharp performances from its cast. But as interesting as it is, most of the jokes don't seem to generate laughs.

Ted W (ca) wrote: Werewolf movies must be really difficult to write as there seem to be fewer made than vampire or slasher or even traditional giant monster.This one has an interesting take and the patented Dante sensory overload that keeps it chugging to a fun, if predictable, climax.

Doug S (ca) wrote: Don't let the subject matter fool you; this is a great documentary

Brad W (ca) wrote: Pretty soft really. A good idea by WWE Studios to take the BEL brand and also one of it's break out stars at the time (Kennedy), but it was just pretty lame. Kennedy wasn't suited because he didn't play the cocky, arrogant guy he is in WWE, not sure why the director didn't let them make his character like that. Some good fighting scenes, but just a bit of a failure for me.

Damon N (nl) wrote: Who cast this film! what a pile of shit. could of been so much better if you had scrapped the writers. I love Jamaica, but lets not go on like this has any quality to it.

Private U (br) wrote: The Prequel to Babar - Babar becomes a piano.

Guarasi R (gb) wrote: Aprovechando el empuje de ninja scroll, pero con exageracin, y una historia ms centrada en la accin.

Elise C (it) wrote: Childhood favorite. It's still as good and heartwarming as I remembered.

Daniel M (gb) wrote: One of my favorite comedy films of all time.

James C (us) wrote: 111111111111111111111111111111111

Martin T (nl) wrote: There were a scattered few howlingly funny lines, and it's always somewhat entertaining to watch Albert Brooks do his neurotic schtick, but like most of his films (save Lost in America) it never rises very far above average.

Paddy D (kr) wrote: A gripping film with a cast that makes the oceans series look paltry. Fantastic. Gritty British social realism of the 1950s at its best. Up there with Look Back in Anger.

William W (gb) wrote: Not one of my favourite Bond films by a country mile but still so much fun. The recent complete-James-Bond-on-blu boxed set that was released has been my ONLY time seeing Sean Connery's last 'official' outing as 007 not edited for television and full screen, so it's basically my first-time REALLY seeing it. Decent. Even at his worst, horribly toupeed, and albatrossed with a script that's simply OUCH, it still oozes and smashes from the fact Connery's still the best Bond ever.

Michael K (mx) wrote: It's very well acted and most dialogues are really good. If I just rated movies for being good, this one would be a four, maybe four and a half. But since I also rate a movie based on how much it pleased me, and I didn't really like the fact that it basically only took place inside a house, I'll give it a 3.5

Heather M (ru) wrote: This was a depressingly, morbid love story. The cast was phenomenal, but the story was a real downer.

Daryl M (gb) wrote: Like many sequels, this movie did not quite live up to the original. However, it was entertaining. The story does a decent job of working through the economic crash of 2008. It did gloss over the roll of the democrat run congress' roll in the collapse. However the movie did not slant heavily left or liberal which was a pleasant surprise - especially come from the likes of Oliver Stone. It is definitely worth watching and judging for yourself.

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