Kanchana, a Tamil comedy horror film directed, written and produced by Raghava Lawrence. He plays a jobless youth, spending his days playing cricket with friends. He suffers from an ...

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Scott T (de) wrote: Given the film history of the cast membersI was frankly expecting it to be more violence, and less story driven,when in fact it is a story focused film and only Violent in story related, realistic ways, which i always find more creepy then over-the-top, blood gushing stuff. It isn't that I don't enjoy somemindless violence but those films have been done to death and what Ireally want is to care about the characters in a film and to have astory that doesn't seem like all bad luck and circumstances. This filmis well written, and the story makes you feel like the characters are all struggling with realword issues even in a supernatural based setting. All the cast does agreat job, Tyler Mane is great as the lead and connects to therole in a way that makes it very relatable. Muse Watson is fantastic and brings to life a character you bothlike and dislike at the same time, a great balance. Derek Mears isreally good in this as well, pulls your attention to him whenever he is onscreen and makes me tense just looking at him. Renae Geerlings, LeslieEasterbrook, and Alex Saxon round out the main cast and each brings tolife a character that was believable and that seemed connected to eachother. I was was also surprised the film didn't have that "Indy-film" low budgetlook that so many seem to these days. While I am sure this did not havethe funds of a regular main-stream Hollywood film, I could not tell thatin watching it. In a time when I sometimes feel that I have seen thebest part of films just in the trailers, it is refreshing to besee a film that is not predictable, and that does not fit easyinto any one category in terms of type. Good job, Mane Entertainment,I am looking forward to your next film.

Vivian B (au) wrote: Simpy loved it. It was a good mixture of comedy and drama. I see it more as a chick flick though.

Benjamin C (ag) wrote: Worth checking out for any fans of martial arts.

Midget Legs (au) wrote: I LOVE CHANNING TATUM

Louay J (us) wrote: A poignant, honest portrayal of ultra-orthodox family life in modern Jerusalem. Must see film for any one interested in Middle Eastern culture and its impact on today's events.

Marcus M (us) wrote: With a title like that...

Jose M (ca) wrote: Here is a movie that anti-rock folks could use to have their children stray away. The plot involves an unsympathetic teenager going through the stages of the tired high school life where stereotypes exist and separate itself from actual life. We get all that crap as teen outcast Eddie complains and moans about his problems while the lame writing kicks in. I didn(TM)t care about this kid as I didn(TM)t believe him at all. Anyways, he follows an idol named Sam Curry a shock rocker that(TM)s not appealing nor terrifying as Blackie Lawless, but his world is crushed when he learns Curry is dead from a fire. Nuke (Gene Simmons) says the best line about Curry as Curry began to believe in his own hype, something that hit Guns N Roses and NWA. The plot becomes dumber as it involves backward messaging and demon havoc that(TM)s not suspenseful and lousy. The music was pretty good and Ozzy Osbourne has comical cameo, but it was far from saving this film. I liked the supporting actor who plays Roger in the film. This is a film that does unnecessary division of people based on certain things and builds a wall were folks can(TM)t seem to integrate or communicate. What a terrible movie, with an awful idea. It reminds me of the film Slaughter High another truly atrocious film.

Mark T (gb) wrote: A Basic Instinct rip off whose makers should be molten down, frozen in the Arctic, allowed to thaw out and get thrown into a large sewage works.