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Thomas W (au) wrote: Award-winning internet comedy website CollegeHumor tries its hand at full-length films with Coffee Town -- a smallish black-as-in-coffee comedy (with a fair amount of sugar and cream) -- that stars It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Glenn Howerton, House of Lies' Ben Schwartz, Adrianne Palicki from G.I. Joe and ... Josh Groban (yes, THAT Josh Groban!) as Sam, a disgruntled barista who wants to be a rock star. In order to save a small coffee shop from becoming a bar, Will (Howerton) and some of his friends decide to stage a robbery to discourage Coffee Town's prospective buyers from buying in such a "dangerous" neighborhood. Will's motivation is rather pathetic -- as a self-employed website manager, he uses the coffee shop as his office while mooching free Wi-Fi -- but he IS determined! There is nothing new here and fans of the website will know what kind of humor to expect with Coffee Town. It all seems rather menial for the most part amongst the ridiculously far-fetched extremes Will goes to save his (not really, ahem) beloved Wi-Fi hangout; but by film's end the audience is actually treated to a few slices of a profound coffee cake. There is plenty here that fades fast from your mind but there are couple of moments that do (surprisingly) stay with you.

Shawn V (br) wrote: better than i thought!!

Indu R (de) wrote: Not much of a thriller, but the movie was an average action movie. The cast was good and the plot was good. There was not a lot of action and drama.


Andrey B (br) wrote: Not bad film with curious stories, fine night time towns and jazzy tones of soundtrack. Comic stories at first turn to sad and bleak ones at the end.

Sarah F (br) wrote: I'd like to see this movie!!

Screen N (mx) wrote: Something about Utopian sex cults

Mike W (jp) wrote: Another Great Disney Classic and great childhood movie!

Sheryl Z (gb) wrote: The name of the movie is fitting because it was a bit melodramatic. I did, however, think that the theme of sticking to ones moral code, whatever that may be, was compelling. But not so compelling that I would give it more than a 3.5 out of 5, and almost only a 3.

Jonathan S (de) wrote: Willie. Beamen. Nuff said.

Sebastian G (us) wrote: He betrayed the LLAAWWWW!!!!

Connor S (jp) wrote: It isn't the best Will Ferrell movie, but it still provides enough laughs to be enjoyable.