Four teenage friends who suffers from cancer, uproar the hospital so to be a healthy child again.

Four teenage friends who suffers from cancer, uproar the hospital so to be a healthy child again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay K (kr) wrote: this is just pornography that glorifies drug use and the drug culture...don't waste your time or $ on this....Nick R., what are you doing in a show like this? Fire your manager if he got this job for you!

Greg R (ca) wrote: I loved this awkward movie about a rich and fortunate family

Brad S (nl) wrote: This one was pretty disappointing considering the pedigree involved, fro director Corbijn, to the cast including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe, Robin Wright and Daniel Bruhl who barely has a role. I also found the ending disappointing and really saw nothing of value in this one. Skip it.

Ed C (de) wrote: One line summary: Five of the six shorts were good in this horror anthology.-------------------------------------- This is an anthology. Theatre Guignol: The overarching segment. A young obsessed sleepless woman goes across the street in the dead of night and goes into a theatre lightly populated with life sized puppets. The puppets introduce her to the following six stories. The Mother Of Toads: Set in Mirepoix which is near the Pyrenees in southern France. A young couple takes pictures of wood carvings of pagan gods. The woman wants a pair of earrings, which depict an image from HP Lovecraft's works. The vendor claims to have a true copy of the Necronomicon at another site. They drive there; Katrina goes to a nearby spa while Martin talks to the vendor, samples the local (drugged) wine, and leafs through the book. Katrina's return is not a happy one. The next day, Martin has a glimpse of what he spent the night with. He goes looking for Katrina. I Love You: Set in Berlin, Germany. Axel wakes up with a bloody cut on his hand. He has no idea why. Mo shows up to get a few things before she leaves him. They talk; she's a multiple betrayer, he's a controlling idiot, she's too young for him. Did I forget lying witch? It does not end well. Wet Dreams: Donnie accidentally slugs Carla when he wakes up from a nightmare. Dr. Maurey asks him about the nightmare of a beautiful girl who coaxes him to bed, only to emasculate him with her 'Lovecraftian' vagina. The Dr. tells him a strategy for interrupting the nightmares, so Donnie tries it. It fails; instead, he dreams of the other times he's hit Carla, and of her suicide attempt. The doctor's wife Maxine and Donnie did some things together; the doctor and Carla settle scores. The Accident: Mother talks about death with her young Daughter: growing old, being in accidents, Old Yeller. Sad tale, nicely done. Vision Stains: Junkie girl shoots up in an alley. The writer uses a surgical procedure to steal the dying visions of the junkies she murders. In this short, she first murders the junkie girl, and writes up her experiences. Then she murders an old homeless woman. The writer despises men, and kills women only, because the women have suffered more and better, somehow. Right, sure, whatever your excuses are for serial murder. The writer gets quite a surprise when she injects fluid from the belly of a pregnant woman. Sweets: Estelle and Greg are a couple drowning in sweet food. Estelle created the circumstances in which they find themselves; now she rejects it. Greg's hopelessly in love, and cries a lot while trying to bargain his way out of this trap. Estelle and a new friend Antonia go to an exclusive food club and talk about moderation. The club kills Greg, guts him to general applause, then eats various parts of him raw.--------Scores-------- Cinematography: 10/10 Excellent. Sound: 9/10 Fine. Acting: 8/10 Enjoyable, by and large. Liked Udo Keir in particular. The Mother and Daughter actors in 'The Accident' were wonderful. Screenplay: 9/10 Well-made horror anthology.

Brandon M (ag) wrote: Full Review Up Friday: http://MediumRareTv.Org

Josh B (fr) wrote: Very interesting for a movie based on memoirs.

Jason J (fr) wrote: Beautiful and moving tearjerker of a man searching for his girlfriend who comes back to his hometown and starts remembering his first love Aki who died of leaukemia 20 years previously. With the years passing by he's been unable to move on with his life. Now he's finally able to come to terms with his grief and loss and have a poignant closure. I loved this movie from the story to the characters even though it was incredibly sad. Masami Nagasawa gives a great performance as Aki, the girl with leaukemia.

Dean K (gb) wrote: A kinda cross of Friday the 13th and Showgirls! Sounds terrible, and is more of a low budget TV movie than anything else. However it wasn't nearly as bad as many straight to DVD, low budget horrors.

Krista B (ca) wrote: I had very low expectations for Asylum of the Damned, but I was pleasantly surprised by its quality. The story is nothing particularly stellar and the effects are pretty abysmal, but the sets and characters are sturdy for such a low-budget, no-name picture. Nothing amazing, but really not too bad overall. Check it out sometime.

Nishanth R (es) wrote: My favorite KB movie of the 70's.

Wahida K (es) wrote: Nothing is as it seems.

Cameron F (kr) wrote: Drug dealer agrees to kill the rival of a local crime lord in this gritty look at New York City's darker side.

Ilja S (br) wrote: I loved, and wil always love Song of the South. Maybe I am not as easily offended by this movies controvery because I'm a white european boy, but maybe that is the joy of watching this beautiful movie without thinking about slavery and racial issues, because that is not the center story of the movie, and as such, it is a beautifully told story full of great songs.