Kansas City Bomber

Kansas City Bomber

Roller-derby skater K. C. Carr tries to balance her desire for a happy personal life and her dreams of stardom.

Roller-derby skater K. C. Carr tries to balance her desire for a happy personal life and her dreams of stardom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rickard O (us) wrote: To bad that the musical song numbers is in the movie. Otherwise it would have got at least 3 stars. Interesting story, perhaps a little easy to figure out but what the heck. Some interesting and funny casting that works!

Kathryna C (kr) wrote: candida says so many hilarous phrases that i can't count all of them, i just loved her!

Stephen B (ru) wrote: Dennis Leary and Elizabeth Hurley have great chemistry in this one.

Hugo B (jp) wrote: One of the best vampire movies ever made. The original good vampire vs bad vampire story in my book.

Abraham S (nl) wrote: Almost a complete waste of time, resources, and slots in the movie theatre's playlist. I could barely sit through this terrible excuse of a film. I wouldn't share it. I'd rather shave off my own eyebrows than watch this again.

Sean W (ru) wrote: This series has made an art of making horrible movies.Yes, another all-star cast (of B-listers and TV stars this time) and George Kennedy returns for a 4th time, this time getting behind the wheel and flying the plane instead of having to help from the ground.The title says it all....Airport '79 deals has the Concorde facing disaster (you know it the moment Kennedy walks on screen). 70 was a mad bomber, 75 was a id-air collision, 77 was hijackers and the plane ends up underwater. 79 has Robert Wagner trying to kill his girlfriend who is a TV reporter and has some damning evidence against him (think of him as Tony Stark gone bad) not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES by trying to 1) shoot down the plane with a missile, 2) have some French fighter pilots shoot out down (seriously...) and 3) open the cargo hatch in mid-flight hoping to tear the plane apart.Never fear folks...George Kennedy is on board....and the movie even gives him time for a little love making between disasters.How about this for implausible. The Concorde faces off with a missile and the French fighter jets and has an emergency landing in Paris. So what do they all do....get back on board THE NEXT DAY to fly to Moscow only to have it all happen again. Yes...the NEXT DAY...the entire passenger line up haven't had enough, so they get on the plane again after facing death twice. If that had been me, I wouldn't go near a plane ever again let alone THE SAME PLANE on THE NEXT DAY.Not to mention that the reporter keeps saying she is going to wait until she gets to Moscow to reveal her information about her crooked boyfriend (Robert Wagner btw)...but why wait? She has a near death experience, and is in Paris where she could easily break it, and she decides to wait -- mind you he smooth talks her into thinking he's going to come clean, but she knows he's lying. And oh, why doesn't he try to kill her on the ground instead of trying to crash the plane -- with all the innocents on board (including Charo...yes....Charo) for a THIRD TIME.They call it a disaster movie, but the movie itself is a disaster. They didn't need to make AIRPLANE and AIRPLANE II to make fun of these...they do well enough on their own.Charo...sheesh.

Michael M (es) wrote: One of my favorite classic comedies!

Nate T (es) wrote: Slow-paced but classic Grant & Arthur - Hawks film. Part of The Criterion Collection and on Blu-ray.

Ginette G (jp) wrote: In his book "Cine o Sardina" Guillermo Cabrera Infante says about Marlene Dietrich "in her movies she was both a saint and a whore", both roles played in Blonde Venus. I agree, she graciously sold the cutest maternal moments, she was great, mysterious, playful, intriguing in her cabaret scenes. I'll remember her in this movie singing the german lullaby and telling her little son they were going to see "a nice, big kitchen" (when in fact she was peniless and offered to wash dishes at a restaurant), and I'll remember her as well boldly declaring in a homeless shelter "Don't you think I can make it? Watch!" Priceless. I think her Helen in this movie shouldn't be forced to choose between domesticity and artistic life, but then what do I know? ... Don't miss the maid, Hattie McDaniel (the same actress portraying "Mammy" Scarlett's nanny &maid in Gone with the wind).

Juan Diego L (ag) wrote: Increble esta pelcula, nuevamente Steven Spielberg la saca del estadio, la historia me pareci muy entretenida y con ganas de ver qu (C) va a pasar, las actuaciones son muy buenas, Tom Hanks y Leonardo DiCaprio tienen una buena relacin y actuacin Increbles, toda la pelcula est perfecta.

Jose Luis M (au) wrote: Un gran reparto para un argumento ridculo.