Kansas Pacific

Kansas Pacific

Just before the Civil War (but after the South has seceded), Southern saboteurs try to prevent railroad construction from crossing Kansas to the frontier; army captain Nelson is sent out to oppose them. As the tracks push westward, Nelson must contend with increasingly violent sabotage, while trying to romance the foreman's pretty daughter Barbara.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:73 minutes
  • Release:1953
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   spy,   1860s,  

With the Civil War about to begin, Southern saboteurs attack frontier railroad construction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe D (br) wrote: Great documentary that gives you frontline action and short sojourns home by the soldiers. Each group the director goes out to recon with has a stand-out character all their own. The line between civilian life and being on the front line is a chasm some cannot cross. Well done for its ability to stay politically neutral, for the most part, and actual combat footage the director expereinced.


Tijen C (br) wrote: Everyone should watch this movie or rather read the book. I myself will buy and read it immediately.

Gerda P (mx) wrote: Strange movie! Bill Pullman is cool as always (although his character gets creepy), but I think Ellen does her TV-show better than acting.

Adam F (de) wrote: Pretty in Pink is dead-on when it comes to its portrayal of teen angst and vulnerability but it also has a lot of comedic moments so don't get fooled into thinking this is a sappy teen romance. The film follows Andie Walsh (Molly Ringwald) a working-class girl living with her single father. Andie's mom abandoned her husband and daughter two years ago and ever since, her father has been struggling with work. Andie has been making a lot of her own clothes and works after school at TRAX, a New Wave music store along with her older friend Iona (Annie Potts). To everyone's surprise Andie is asked on a date by Blane (Andrew McCarthy), a rich boy whose friends frequently make fun of both Andie and her best friend Phil "Duckie" Dale (Jon Cryer). The film follows Andie as she tries to make things work with her crush despite the objection of both their circles of friends.Despite the pretty simple plot, the movie has a lot of layers and is surprisingly deep. As you get to know the characters in the film you realize that Molly is a surprisingly strong young woman while the boys/men closest to her seem crippled by their emotions. Her father is so hopelessly still in love with a woman that's left him that he sabotages his own efforts to get a real job out of a broken heart. Duckie, who is in love with Andie is so afraid of being rejected that he pretends to be someone completely different from himself. He dresses in elaborate clothes to make Andie feel better about herself (to the point where he also wears big, ridiculous glasses) and frequently acts like a fool to get her attention in the hopes that she will eventually fall in love with him. Unlike Andie, who dresses in unfashionable clothes because of monetary reasons, he deliberately makes himself an outcast because he thinks if he appears to be the same as Andie she'll realize that the two of them belong together. He's waiting for her to make a first move even though he knows it's never going to happen. He's too scared to admit that maybe she and Blane do belong together and feels like now that he's created this outlandish personality for himself, he can't be who he really is in front of her. As for Blane, he legitimately likes Andie but is scared of losing his friends and of being mocked (like she is) so he hesitates to go out with her again when a party the two of them attend goes awry.The emotional stuff might be the highlight of the movie but there's plenty of other great stuff to make the film worth your while. Thanks to the sharp dialogue by John Hughes, there is plenty of memorable quotes that you'll have a terrific time memorizing ("I could work out a deal where one or both of you could get pregnant by the holidays. What do you say?"). Thanks to some pretty good performances and a strong direction from Howard Deutch the characters of Molly, Iona and particularly Duckie are very iconic. The film features a good amount of scenes that are memorable too. The soundtrack is very good and it seems to perfectly understand its audience and the characters it is creating. Not an instant of this film rings false despite the characters frequently revealing themselves to be phonies. Even if you aren't a teen yourself the movie will remind you of that time where the prom, your reputation at school and your friends were the most important things in the world.For some people, the ending won't completely work but the elements that hit home raise the movie above its familiar elements. There's real heart in "Pretty in Pink" and that easily earns itself a high recommendation. I'll give it a 4 / 5 but this could easily become one of your favourite films if you watch it on the right day so give it a watch (or a re-watch as I intend to) and see for yourself what makes it so special. (Dvd, September 1, 2013)

Janetta B (ca) wrote: Right Turn Clyde....

John C (ca) wrote: Very loose, silly, and suprisingly entertaining adventure comedy boasts some spectacular location footage of Africa and what may be one of the warmest and fuzziest performances John Wayne has ever given.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Less than exhilarating clash of wartime officers story, although with Wayne and Ryan taking up all the screen time it is certainly watchable.

Craig L (nl) wrote: Relatively slow paced, but intense and engaging.