Kansas Raiders

Kansas Raiders

Outraged by Redleg atrocities, the James and Younger Brothers along with Kit Dalton join Quantrill's Raiders and find themselves participating in even worse war crimes.

Outraged by Redleg atrocities, the James and Younger Brothers along with Kit Dalton join Quantrill's Raiders and find themselves participating in even worse war crimes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Munsur G (au) wrote: As someone who lies mid-way between the "protagonist" and "antagonist" , I felt I could relate to much of the movie, so it felt very authentic It sort of ends awkwardly, but in a refreshing way.

Brian B (gb) wrote: Dredd is an exciting and fast-paced remake which finally gave the audience the faithful adaptation they deserved. It's not perfect, but it is a huge step up from Judge Dredd (1995).The future America is a wasteland and a large group of people live in Mega City 1. The police force consists of "Judges" who have the power of a judge, jury, and executioner. Judge Dredd, the ultimate judge, works to take down a drug cartel only to find himself and a rookie he's with trapped inside one of the mega-blocks where they are forced to fight all f the other members of the Ma-Ma clan.Judge Dredd (1995) was a horrible movie. It was very unfaithful and it made a very poor attempt to parody Dredd. However, Pete Travis decided to make a more faithful adaptation and he succeeded in doing so. Dredd does an amazing job capturing the violence and brutality of its source material.Usually when a movie has extreme violence, you expect that it will be distractingly violent. However, I didn't feel that way about this movie at all. I never felt that the action sequences in the movie looked ridiculous or overly-fanciful and the movie did not overstay its welcome. With that being said, it's great that the movie was still able to remain very faithful without being distractingly violent at all.However, this movie is style over substance. It doesn't have too much depth to the characters. However, it did have a little bit of depth to Cassandra Anderson. It showed that this was her last attempt to become a judge as she failed previously. Also, it shows Judge Dredd and her growing to like each other as the movie goes on. However, this still isn't too much character development and the movie is definitely more about its visual effects.Also, I really enjoyed the slow motion effects. They are really well-done. I'm not going to spoil anything but the slow motion scene at the end is clearly the best one in the film. Because of the effects and music, it is both beautiful and unnerving at the same time. It is definitely one of the more memorable slow motion scenes out there. However, there are also a few other great slow motion scenes in the film which are great too.In conclusion, this is a phenomenal movie. It proved to be the faithful adaptation that fans were hoping for. It is light on character development but it is definitely a must-see film for its great visuals. It is also not distractingly violent at all and it doesn't get carried away with itself. This is a must-see film for all the people who waited to see a faithful adaptation.

Maiti (de) wrote: Another great drama from England.

Marilyn S (kr) wrote: Loved this movie its super cute.

isaac c (mx) wrote: One of the best movies ive ever seen, absolutely breathtaking plot twists and killer soundtrack

joseph h (it) wrote: A boring romance with a stupid end is somewhat overcome because of solid acting and great effects.

Sanford R (de) wrote: My favorite music documentary, although I've only seen a few! Still, I love pretty much all the bands featured in this movie :) I've watched this many times. Mostly I love the live performances. This is essential viewing for anybody who is interested in 'grunge' music.

Michael D (ru) wrote: Quirky Man becomes Self Obsessed Woman, not as funny as one would think...

RJohn X (ag) wrote: Very strange mix of traditional kung fu nonsense - each sibling is a master at one weapon. Especially odious is the under utilization of the bow and arrow, which would seem to be the perfect stake delivery method, but I digress. A weird disjointed love story that starts out all 'tut tut liberated woman, ho ho." and ends up with a kissy kiss impaling. Strange doings, that. Then there is Peter Cushings painful looking cheek bones, quick get that man a sammich! and his even sillier hat scarf. The Vampires themselves are incredibly dorky and for some reason need to use golden swords to terrorized the poor villagers. This is very unbecoming of a vampire. And so were the horrid rubber bats that were swung around from the end of some laundry pole. HAMMER HORROR WINS AGAIN!!

Private U (mx) wrote: I was really excited when I heard that there was a new Dracula coming out. Alas, this is pretty... um... sucky (no pun intended). It should be called "Made For TV Film with Characters with the Same Name as Those in Bram Stoker's Dracula But With Little Resemblance to the Plot of Said Book" I wouldn't mind if they did that and the changes were positive, but they're just... ???? Marc Warren is the only reason to watch this. His portrayal of Dracula is new and fresh and inspiring.

Ted W (gb) wrote: This is the worst superman film so far in the original trilogy. The super villains in this movie are terrible, the worst villains in a superman movie of all time. Not a lot of Lois lane in this movie for some odd reason, just this Lana person that Clark went to high school with. Their is a scene in this movie when superman faces Clark Kent with peers and they separated. Where is the physics in that. I hope superman 4 is much better than this boring self vs self superman movie.

chris h (br) wrote: Seen this as a kid but can't remember it being as difficult to understand due to the accents, however the film automatically gets 3 stars for the football scene alone and the brilliant Brian Glover