The film's plot revolves around Kanthasamy (played by Vikram), who is a Income Tax officer in the CBI, and his friends, granting the wishes of the needy who write letters to a local Lord Muruga temple by disguising himself as an anthropomorphic chicken. During a CBI income tax raid, he discovers a stash of black money owned by Ponnusamy (played by Ashish Vidyarthi), a rich and corrupted entrepreneur. Ponnusamy pretends to be paralysed to escape the questioning. Angered by the news that her father is paralysed, Ponnusamy's daughter, Subbulakshmi (played by Shriya Saran) goes after Kanthasamy to seek revenge by pretending to be in love with him. Kanthasamy, knowing Subbulakshmi's real intentions plays along in the game. This forms a cat and mouse chase between the two.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Tamil,Telugu,Hindi,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Kanthaswamy 2009 full movies, Kanthaswamy torrents movie

Impoverished people find their wishes fulfilled at a Murugan/Shivji Mandir, while police suspect a CBI Officer of being a modern day Robin Hood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rohan N (es) wrote: very disappointing movie !!

Ricardo A (kr) wrote: Is not a horror movie nor a comedy. Bad kids go to hell gets trapped in its own weirdness, delivering one hell of a mess.

Amritansh P (fr) wrote: Movie which can turn u into obssession

Private U (br) wrote: Interesting. And nerdy.

Jeff H (it) wrote: Much of this film feels familiar, but Anna Kendrick made this watchable.

Lee M (kr) wrote: For a movie that is called "Cthulhu" I expected that it would pay tribute to the cthulhu mythos and instead it completely crapped upon it. The only nice part about the film was the sewer cover with an image of Cthulhu on it.

Charles R (us) wrote: I guess im the first guy to review this film on flixster/facebook but it doesn't matter. I highly enjoyed this film and how it was filmed. It was mainly because it was filmed in Tokyo, Japan. The main character was great. Innocent and intriguing. I really liked the way how she used little quotes that had relevance towards the movie. Also, she refered her self as some type of heroin because she was trying to find a woman who happen to be missing in the police records throughout her journey. Because she comes from a different country, I assume this is why she is called the stratosphere girl. The way it was shot was beautiful. Showed many places of tokyo. Estimated ratio is : 1.83:1

tayfun (au) wrote: the nest of turkish comedian

Alex K (gb) wrote: African-American Film Director Spike Lee Is My Ninth Favorite Film Director Of All Time.

Agent o (ag) wrote: holy cow, i've loved this movie since i was like... 8.... its still one of the greatest movies of all time

Matt B (es) wrote: One of my top ten favorite movies of all time.

Doctor S (ca) wrote: An engaged man who believes that long-term relationships, particularly marriage, inevitably destroy the romance that he craves decides to win the affection of a pretty acrobat and never share physical intimacy. This French romantic fantasy blossoms with lots of charm, it's impossible not to love Sophie Marceau as the whimsical Fanfan. Alexandre on the other hand gives new meaning to the word douche, which is impressive because the French invented it. Not only is he screwing over his gorgeous fiance, but he strings Fanfan along without regard for her emotions - or her sanity. If you wanted to be near someone, but stay at a distance, what is the perviest thing you could think of to do? That's right, secretly rent the apartment next to her and replace her wall-length mirror with a one-way mirror when she next goes out of town. But if you're willing to suspend reality, this leads to a couple wonderful scenes back to back with Fanfan first posing in her bubble bath and then her and Alexandre dancing to swing music on opposite sides of the mirror. The scene where they travel back in time to 1813 Vienna on a movie set is equally magical. If it was not for Alexandre and his hang-ups I would give an even higher rating as they demonstrate a real onscreen chemistry together.

Hannahfae C (it) wrote: How do you watch the movie

Kris W (ca) wrote: 'Hotshot Cop And A Wise-Guy Detective Get Together, The Heat Is On!' What a waste...

Dylan D (au) wrote: Probably the best of the three movies.

Angie P (ca) wrote: The two main characters, both named Mildred have emigrated from Texas to a small dusty Californian town off the highway that could pass for Texas -- the younger Mildred remarks, "Sure does look like Texas". The attention-seeking, loquacious Mildred #1, alias "Millie" (Shelley Duvall) struts around like a yellow canary on stage reminding me of Norma Desmond from Sunset Blvd with the same lack of self awareness. Obviously imitating what she's sees in the glamor magazines she reads. The clumsy naive Mildred #2, alias "Pinky" (Sissy Spacek) who's even more clueless mistakes Millie's bravado as confidence immediately becoming her sycophant says she is "the most perfect person I've met" until an unexpected turn of events challenges their fan-idol relationship and their identities. It is a final crisis that resolves their "identity crisis" in the end involving a third women, Willie (Janice Rule), an artist that paints a mural with groupings of reptilian anthropomorphic beasts that include a pregnant female (like herself) and an alpha male standing erect with his huge "cock" (maybe blurred in some copies) which I presume represents her cock sure husband and possibly lover to the pair of Mildreds. This very surreal film some what of a black tragicomedy (if you can force it into a genre at all) evolved from a dream director, Robert Altman had, so don't expect a nice neat traditional Hollywood ending. I loved the film! One of his best IMO. It explores the female psyche so well, its hard for me to believe a male developed this from his own dream. The film is also a time capsule from the 70s. Millie loves the color yellow, drives a "French" mustard colored Pinto ( not to be confused with English mustard, she corrects the cops as they look for her stolen car) and has an apartment decorated in a combination of slick mod and lacy kitschy furnishing, all in yellow. Lots of double knit halters and peasant blouses fill her closet, all in yellow, of course. This cult classic is worth viewing just for the trip back to the groovy years. Would someone please comment about the reptilian art? Who was actual the artist?

Simon P (ca) wrote: Rowdy Roddy Piper as a rare fertile man following a nuclear holocaust? Check. High-tech underwear? Check. Mutant humanoid frogs? Check. And scantily clad women? Check. 80s B-movie brilliance!