Kapitein Rob en het Geheim van Professor Lupardi

Kapitein Rob en het Geheim van Professor Lupardi

Kapitein Rob is minding his cousins Stijn & Sandra when he is called away on a secret mission. His arch enemy Professor Lupardi has developed a weather machine and is threatening not only ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kapitein Rob en het Geheim van Professor Lupardi torrent reviews

Xinia Z (nl) wrote: I will give 5 stars because I just like Jaime Camil and he sings goodother wise I was expecting more comedy than drama..

Paul C (jp) wrote: Decent Bigfoot flick. The modified-found-footage technique (adding a score, some non-ff angles) showed promise, but then descended into standard ff tropes. Excellent creature effects are hampered by the over use of shaky-cam.

Clint D (fr) wrote: If you love Springsteen, you're gonna love this look at one of his best albums and will go crazy on some of the archival live and studio footage from the recording sessions. Could have gone a little deeper into a couple of the tunes ("Adam Raised and Cain" and "Promised Land") but all the boys are here and die-hard fans need to see this.

Josh B (ca) wrote: Michael Moore invites us into the disturbing truths of questionable government spending. If you're far right-wing, this film may not be for you, but for most of us this documentary is a frightening awakening. It's about time we asked ourselves, where does the money go? Who is abusing the system? What would happen if our government militarized Jurassic crocodiles and genetically mutated alligators?

Shinyhair X (ru) wrote: Did not make a very strong impression on me. It felt like they skipped a part in the beginning, you never really got to know the carachters properly.

Anaideia E (de) wrote: Good movie but too long.

Luke S (kr) wrote: lol wot gets mi is 2pac died in 1996 buut this was released in 1997 lol fuked up

Haydn W (it) wrote: 84 minutes made to feel like 184...

Stuart K (de) wrote: An uneven movie, sometimes maudlin, sometimes takes your breath away. Worth a few hours, if you've had a dad. 20 years old.

Juan S (au) wrote: I really love this movie

Staush P (gb) wrote: I love it only because it's so damn cheesy.

Nellie K A (mx) wrote: the original is great and the remake should be great too

Amar M (kr) wrote: More look like a cheesy fireworks festival.

Art S (es) wrote: I guess it should come as no surprise that a film set in the Antebellum American South (1850's) seems misogynistic, with the male (and older female) characters always trying to keep headstrong Bette Davis in her place. But one wonders whether this also played into the stereotypes and preferences of some of the 1938 audience (and perhaps how it is received today). Of course, Davis excelled at this sort of selfish petulant bad girl and another reading of the film is that she simply wasn't fair to her fianc, Henry Fonda, in trying to dominate him and the backlash against her is a personal (not sexist) matter. Davis is gleefully awful until the melodramatic yellow-fever focused ending where her efforts to redeem herself (in the eyes of whom?) seem yet another attempt to be close and take control of Fonda, even though his heart belongs to someone else. Wyler's direction is perfect and the whole damn thing is lavish, even if today it reads as a prelude to Gone With The Wind (hello Southern clichs!).

Randy L (br) wrote: don't know why this movie did so poorly... as a scientist, this movie was very entertaining and I have promoted this movie to no end. Not for the dull, institutionalized or liberals--just not smart enough to enjoy the marvelous creativity

Jacob G (it) wrote: It is an amazing movie that has raw potential. I give it a 8.5/10.

Jaime L (fr) wrote: Bond films can be silly, it seems to be a trademark of the series and can be fun but there is a difference between silly and stupid and unfortunately this one crosses into the latter. The plot is ludicrous, all over the place and the villains scheme way too complicated and idiotic to do anything but roll your eyes at. What really irritated me though was the female SPECTRE agent in her attempt to kill Bond... it was so outrageously stupid that it cast a negative mood over the rest of the film that was dumb enough to begin with. The actions of the others didn't exactly impress me either. How they ever manage to get such schemes off the ground without blowing themselves up is beyond me.Also it is unfortunate that the Bond girls went back to being worthless (two Japanese ones here imo) and neither could act that well either. I was hoping to see more intelligence like was in Goldfinger but I suppose that is asking too much for the 1960s.

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Kapitein Rob en het Geheim van Professor Lupardi torrent

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