Kaptein Sabeltann og jakten på den magiske diamant

Kaptein Sabeltann og jakten på den magiske diamant


En liten gutt er på flukt gjennom jungelen. Marco heter han og er Pinkys lillebror. Pinky og Sunniva har dratt av sted for å prøve å finne ham. Samtidig har selveste Kaptein Sabeltann seilt fra Det Usynlige Land. I årevis har han vært på jakt etter Den Magiske Diamant. Nå fører ryktene ham til Shangri La, en avsidesliggende sydhavsstrand. Inne i jungelen, på den andre siden av hengebroene, lurer en livsfarlig fiende, nemlig Maga Kahn, jungelens onde fyrste, og hans dronning Sirikit. Det er duket for en nervepirrende duell. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kaptein Sabeltann og jakten på den magiske diamant torrent reviews

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Rishi J (kr) wrote: Blood Diamond is a very touching movie. It shows the story of Danny Archer a diamond smuggler who is after a big diamond which can change his life. The relationship between the two characters i.e Danny and Solomon is very well show. They eventually don't trust each other but soon become good friends. Leo delivers a terrific performance and so does the rest of the cast. The story is very simple and sweet. My only problem with this movie is that it is a little long and some scenes could have been edited. Overall this is a must watch.

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Jake H (kr) wrote: Windtalkers is terrible.But it's also funny!For people who know me well enough, that response may be a wee bit weird to be coming from me. As a lover of history, I typically rage on WWII themed films that completely and utterly butcher the historical source material they were making a shitty attempt to bring to life. This is a beyond botched attempt at making a serious war film, but instead of wallowing in resentment, I found myself laughing at just how over the top and absurd the movie was. Which is pretty much everything a World War II movie shouldn't be.The story is supposed to be based on the exploits of the Navajo Code Talkers, a small bunch of Native Americans who used their language in order to transmit a near unbreakable code, keeping their Japanese foes from deciphering it. You honestly wouldn't think that from watching the movie. Instead, the main plot of the film revolves around a war weary Marine played by the legendary Nicholas Cage with his aimbot and infinite ammo cheats cranked way the f**k up. This movie tries to be this really deep thing with the whole Code Talker angle, but in all actuality, this is one of the most generic, and completely bat-shit crazy war films I have ever seen. John Woo's over-the-top style worked with Face/Off, because that was an over-the-top movie. Combine a story that's supposed to be emotional, dramatic, and serious with a style that is anything BUT serious, and you get action scenes that are WAAAYY too silly and bombastic, and some characters and dialogue that come from just about every clich in the How To Guide for Making a War Film. I lost count of how many times I bursted out laughing.Windtalkers is a horribly hysterical movie. No other way to describe it.

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Kaptein Sabeltann og jakten på den magiske diamant torrent

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