A 13-year-old German boy, Robert, (Max Kullman) sets out to try and find his father, who's in Turministan. On his arrival there he meets up with a local boy (Murat Orasov) who agrees to help him, but they are abandoned by their adult guides and must fend for themselves.

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Karakum torrent reviews

Chad H (fr) wrote: Would have been much better if I had actually seen 'A Chorus Line' before I saw this doc.

Jamie S (br) wrote: I just didn't enjoy it!

Scott M (us) wrote: To be honest, I was skeptical when I heard they were making this movie; would this be just another "puff-piece" or would MAN IN THE MIRROR live up to its billing and deliver the definitive film portrait Jackson fans have been clamoring for? As everyone knows, Jackson's musical exploits had already been documented in the authorized and highly-sanitized AN AMERICAN FAMILY mini-series, so it's refreshing that VH-1's MAN IN THE MIRROR keeps the musical interludes to a minimum and devotes the majority of its running-time to the more compelling human story of the Self-Proclaimed King of Pop's unprecedented implosion. Starring in MAN IN THE MIRROR is the unlikely Flex Alexander (!), who overcomes his inappropriately bulky frame to deliver a sincere and memorable portrayal; from his pitch-perfect conversational tone to his wild eyes and expressions of shocked indignation, few performers have captured their subject so well! I'm pretty sure there's some actual news reel footage sprinkled throughout (the "Blanket Balcony Blunder," comments and clips from various Jackson family members), lending an added realism to the film that is by turns poignant and disturbing. So why a four and not a five-star review? Well, this being a Paramount release, the disc is light on extras and the picture is a tad soft. Jackson's ever-changing appearance no doubt presented a formidable challenge to the makeup department as well as the film's cinematographer, and frankly I was expecting the picture to have more "pop" in contrasting the "Thriller-era" Michael with the bleached, "Marcel Marceau" Michael of the "Bad" and "Dangerous" years. Oh well, perhaps when this hits blu-ray such flaws will be corrected, and with interest in Jackson's lurid legacy at an all-time high, VH-1 may even deliver a sequel to pair with this film and the original mini-series -- a sprawling and exhaustive trilogy worthy of the MAN IN THE MIRROR himself!

Heshani U (ru) wrote: More like a docu drama.... but quite insightful...

Art S (us) wrote: Stunning shots of the people and places of the Cape Verde Islands decorate a largely impenetrable plot about a Portuguese nurse bringing a comatose villager home and staying. Reviews I've read suggest that Pedro Costa had grander themes (imperialism, slavery, migration) operating in the background but the film's insularity kept these from becoming legible.

Thomas B (kr) wrote: Jean-Pierre Jeunet's thriller/comedy/sci-fi is equal parts all of those with a fantastic performance Dominique Minon. Full review later.

Rob M (it) wrote: David Cronenberg hadn't found his directorial voice yet, but he could still muster up some smart, creepy scenes even in the days before his budgets matched his vision. Plus, Marilyn Chambers in a non-porn role. Hey-o!

Mike R (ag) wrote: Please note that I never prefer any "edited version" of anything!

Anders A (fr) wrote: The best film of the year 1934. Prime directing and a real treasure in pure entertainment ala Capra. The acting is great and to some extent the plot likevice.

Mark S (nl) wrote: Watched this movie last as a child in Philadelphia when our elementary school took a field trip to see this movie in the theater. Just watched the TCM presentation of it this evening and found myself remembering much of the dialog and songs.

Kevin L (es) wrote: Stellar performances from Jude Law and Richard E. Grant are wasted in this essentially plotless vehicle. Law's charisma won me over in a scene or two, but it couldn't save this meandering mess.

Seth B (au) wrote: Will Ferrell redeems himself after the ridiculous Blades of Glory and so-so Talladega Nights. He's back to what worked in Anchorman. Very funny and good cast.

Matthew R (ag) wrote: this film is very bad

Joe H (kr) wrote: Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones equals awesome