Karate Kung Fu Shaolin Masters

Karate Kung Fu Shaolin Masters


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Tagalog,Filipino
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Karate Kung Fu Shaolin Masters 1977 full movies, Karate Kung Fu Shaolin Masters torrents movie

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Karate Kung Fu Shaolin Masters torrent reviews

Craig B (br) wrote: Came to this series with just this last movie, and while it was marginally confusing to maintain a consistent grasp on the various time/dimensional planes of the characters, the story is quite interesting and the films art value is substantial. It is beautiful in the scenes, sets, dancing, and characters.

Dan V (nl) wrote: Tiffany brilliantly plays her role of a geneticist trying to warn of piranhas growing at an exponential rate as they escape the Amazon and head toward America. The movie is ultimately a cautionary tale of mans helplessness against nature. The special effects are not great, but the story and the characters are enough to keep your attention and the camera work delivers the money shots at just the right moments.

Josh B (jp) wrote: The story is kinda good, kinda goofy. Over the top action, but once I started watching I had to see it all the way through. Not that big on the ending.

Cat H (ru) wrote: A bit bland, and not flawless, but still pretty nice

Jen B (nl) wrote: Zodiac is terrifying! And not in a horror movie kind of way, but in a true story kind of way. Wonderful cast, acting, and direction. Big kudos to whoever was in charge of researching the case so meticulously for all of the details to come together. The true story of Zodiac has been told, including Zodiac's identity.

felicia d (it) wrote: not at all what i had expected i actually enjoyed it

Khaled M (fr) wrote: If being a stupid blond who runs in his underwear the whole time is an essential ingredient in the success of a movie .. then "In My Sleep" is the best movie I've ever seen.

Aron R (es) wrote: Really just not a good film.

Ransom K (gb) wrote: interesting political movie

Aaron B (us) wrote: So very, very long and slow. I felt like a slice of a portion of his life (in Africa, his Indian revolution, or the very end) would have made for a better film.

Ben D (us) wrote: A feature-length story, cobbled together from old TV episodes, this isn't much cop. Standard TV acting and direction from the mid-70s, and a not all that engaging story, it is TV sci-fi at its poorest.

Keegan K (br) wrote: Awesome movie. Crazy love story about a famous actress and an insignificant travel book store owner. That guy definitely had to work to get the girl! Pretty cool seeing what it's like to be a famous actress and what the press can do to you.

Paul D (kr) wrote: This tries to make fun of how bad romantic comedies are, but it ends up being worse than most of them. It gave me a few chuckles, but ultimately it is really quite horrible.