Kariera Nikosia Dyzmy

Kariera Nikosia Dyzmy


Nikos is a master of funeral ceremonies (that's undertaker to you and me) who doesn't expect much from life. After drunkenly insulting a diplomat at a party, weird things begin to happen for Nikos. The news that a mysterious stranger offended the hated Deputy Prime Minister galvanizes the political elite assembled at the banquet, and a rumor that Nikos can take care of anything spreads like wildfire, making him an idol of the masses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Baie M (au) wrote: A good look into 9/11, the real side of it. These experts probably risk a lot, their reputatons, just to bring the truth out of the 9/11 lies. Worth wtching and sharing.

Steve M (us) wrote: The premise sounded OK on paper, but the film is so confused about what it wants to achieve that it accomplishes nothing... and doesn't seem to have an ending. Don't waste your time.

Jeffrey M (kr) wrote: The financial crisis of 2008 and the ensuing Ponzi scheme unravelings in 2009 make for very compelling stories, lessons, and character studies. In unraveled, director Marc Simon looks at the case of Marc Dreier, whose case seemingly embodies all of the above. Dreier, a supposedly hugely successful New York attorney, was found to have engaged in a $400 million dollar fraud that had him bizarrely impersonating, and hiring others to impersonate for him.While an interesting premise, Simon fails to really seize the opportunity. Filmed in the 60 days prior to his sentencing, this was a unique opportunity to paint an intimiate portrait of a man that was deeply torn. Instead, the film gives him far too much leeway. Drier is his own narrator, and seemingly dictates the flow of the film. Good documentaries take a more objective look, and force the subject out of their comfort zone. In Unraveled, that comfort zone is never pushed. Dreier seems remourceful yet prone to excuses and rationalizing, never being conforted to the contrary.This results in a documentary that feels far too safe, and devoid of the sort of insight one would expect. We get plenty of Dreier's rationalizing and humanizing, yet never fully get to the heart of what went wrong, the intimate details of the fraud, nor a profound change in character of Dreier.An overall bland and disappointing effort. 2.5/5 Stars

Brian T (fr) wrote: oh god I'll never get back the time in my life that was wasted seeing this movie. I want a list of all the critics who liked this movie so I can ignore their opinions forevermore

Chris O (de) wrote: Great performances by Alan Rickman and Mos Def

Vessela D (jp) wrote: Sadly I didn't like this movie much - the story was not interesting enough and I just couldn't force myself to care for the characters...:(

Kristen K (ca) wrote: torn on whether I want to see this or not

Robin W (ru) wrote: After the massive success of "Enter the Dragon", Bruce Lee's untimely death had put a halt to Warner Brothers' attempt to turn him into their next big action star, so they made an attempt with Lee's "Enter the Dragon" co-star, Jim Kelly; he was a cross-breed of two immensely popular genres at the time, blaxploitation and kung fu, and his campy charisma and considerable martial arts skills helped compensate for his less-than-stellar acting skills. Kelly reunited with "Dragon" director Robert Clouse for his first solo effort, "Black Belt Jones", and while it didn't propel Kelly into super-stardom and could hardly be considered an action classic, it is a lot of fun. The film establishes its silly tongue-in-cheek tone right away with the casting of Scatman Crothers as a kung fu master (!) and doesn't seem to care how little sense the plot makes; the whole thing moves at a fast pace, and is loaded with colourful characters, a wonderfully funky music score, campy dialogue ("Boy, we're gonna turn you into fudge") and some goofy, but very entertaining fight scenes. The major highlight is probably the hilarious climactic fight scene where Black Belt Jones battles a group of gangsters inside a soap-filled car wash!

Tico P (mx) wrote: Directed by Umberto Lenzi of Cannibal Ferox fame. This is basically A Man called horse on Asian ground. Starring Ivan Rassimov as a photographer forced into the jungle after accidentally killing a man in a bar fight. Here he runs into a tribe that humiliates and imprisons him. He meets the beautiful Me Me Lei( daughter of the chief of course ) and struggles for acceptance and escape. You've seen it all before but not as cheesy as this. Superb cinematography. Throughout the film we see numerous closeups of J&B whiskey. An all too graphic whiskey sponsored love story.

Peter W (ag) wrote: A decent generic Toho Studios space flick

Derek W (nl) wrote: A lack-luster screenplay full of jokes that fall flat and below-par performances from its leads Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson make this a mediocre comedic folly.