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  • Release:1977
  • Language:Estonian
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Karikakramäng torrent reviews

Rangan R (br) wrote: A thunderBOLT that struck from Jamaica.I saw him on the television during the Beijing Olympic games and then in London, followed by in Rio. When I first came to know him in Beijing games, I thought he was a one-timer, but then during the London games, from the commentators to everyone who are familiar with his sport had great expectation on him and he delivered it. Finally, in Rio, I prepared for the historic occasion and so did it again for the last time. I am talking about the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt. It's great to be born in this generation to witness such a great achievement. If not from the arena, at least from the live telecast. I have seen and still seeing many legends from other sports and Bolt is one of them.This Jamaican sprinter is like a thunderbolt that struck in the last three summer Olympic games creating a new history. In each Olympic games, he had grabbed three gold medals. Now he's off the track and enjoying the normal life. But the film was focused to tell his rise and reign for the nearly fifteen years of his career. It all began in the Junior championship from the school days and since then he never looked back, but left behind the records the others to fetch. Especially, he still holds the world record for 100m in 9.58 seconds. By seeing his achievements, you might expect a coach who trained him would be like the one from 'Whiplash'. I was surprised to see a simple man behind him, as well as his friend-come-manager and all the other people around him.I did not know they were making a documentary about him. I only came to know just a week before watching it. I have seen some good sports documentaries, so I anticipated something extraordinary clips and inspiration. It is inspiring, good for young sports enthusiasts who wants to make big in their field. To be honest I was a bit disappointed with this film. This is not I was looking for. This looked more like a reality show. So I won't blame entirely on the filmmakers for failing to give the best product. Because I knew Bolt as a sportsman, but never knew him as a person, his character and all. He's a fun type. Seriously, I did not expect that."All the way from Beijing to London and now to Rio. It is one of the greatest athletic achievements of all time."He worked hard for what he's now, but at a time he's so fun. Enjoys his game, life, that's what you learn the most about him if you already know him as a sportsperson. Particularly a clip from the film about a cameraman who crashed on him proves he a temperless. I could not stop from laughing at it and so he was. They have interviewed some big names from other sports. They all talked about their special friendship with him and his talent. I am really upset for not interviewing one of his close friends and a countryman, Christopher Henry Gayle. They both are common in one thing, that's the number 333. You will understand what that means if you know them both from their sports.One of the main issues was the film terribly lacks with the original clips or the photographs from his life. Everything about him on the track were perfectly aligned, other than that the rest of them were exclusively shot for the film like a feature film, including the interviews. So the recreation of those recollects were not that effective to blend with the story. Also a bit falls off the track with too much of off the track focus, but it's not boring, totally fun to watch such person. That's why even it is stretched to nearly two hours, it does not feel like a drag.After every win, he celebrates with his 'lightning bolt' pose. As his name, as his record talks, that is the defining moment. The Jamaican medal tally might dip from the next Olympic games since he got retired. But his nation will be remembered for him forever. It is a good documentary film, but should have been great. Now I am thinking about a feature film and I hope somebody would make it in the near future. I recommend this, but keep your expectations low if you already know much about him. But for others, it will make a bigger impact.7.5/10

DriO S (mx) wrote: Interesting movie. Very good effort on replicating the favelas in Rio.But the portuguese in this movie is really crap. We don't speak like that.And the blood from the gunshots. come on guys, no more CGI blood, go back to those bloodblobs explosions for gunshots. It's really much better.

Corey D (br) wrote: Hilarious movie. Bryan Callen owns this movie.

Kris V (es) wrote: Verheyen shits out another turd with this low budget cop movie that's completely void of plot and logic. Turns out this is actually nothing more than a pilot for a TV show that I've never seen (and don't intend to) that he managed to sell as a theatrical release. Silly and cheap.

Alex r (kr) wrote: The gun fights are just laughable and the cgi is over the top at times. and the dialog was just so damn stupid. at least there as plenty of blood and guts and the movie was at least half entertaining at times. i wouldn't recommend this movie though

Dave H (fr) wrote: This is an OK disney channel tv show.

Jeff B (es) wrote: cute romantic comedy with an original infusion of a musical

Jamie M (kr) wrote: This movie is not for everyone, but it's very much for me.

Ce Khan C (au) wrote: Again bhatts went to Hollywood lol...Jannat is damn good movie but again this is Very much similar to Lord of War starring Nicholas cage...The best thing about the movie is that it shows that a person who spends money unwisely has an ability that can make him rich which cannot happen in real life...The music is great as usual from the Bhatt's production house and the best songs are Zara Sa & Judai...Overall Jannat is one of Emraan Hashmi's best film and has a good message that we can all learn from....Other than that it was shot in great locations at Cape Town of South Africa...

Greg W (br) wrote: really gets the mix of humor and pathos just right no EZ task

Melanie D (br) wrote: Bates is great and Leigh is great as an unbearably annoying, non-stop pissed-off self-righteous know-it-all complainer who somehow musters up enough saintliness to lower her holier-than-thou, upstanding princess self to talk to the unworthy, pissant pee-on locals, her mother included...although I doubt that's what she was going for. But oh did she NAIL it! Accidental detestable assface brilliance. I still hate her guts she was so good.

Joseph B (br) wrote: The second film adaptation of William Golding's 1954 novel "Lord of the Flies" finds Harry Hook directing. Like the 1963 film, Lewis M. Allen produces. It has the same basic story of the 1963 film and novel, but focuses more on the children's attempt to create a society free of parents and girls. There is more of a rivalry between Ralph and Jack then in the original. Ralph seems more levelheaded than Jack, who just wants to hunt and have fun. Not a great adaptation, but perhaps worth a viewing on it's own accord.

D M (gb) wrote: A nerd gets revenge against bullies with the help of an evil voice on the other end of horrorscope hotline. Soon he becomes demonic and a tunnel to hell opens by his house. His mom, played by Sandy Dennis, is a Jesus-freak who gets mad about her son calling the phone number. Pretty cool ending, but not a good film. The high school toughs apparently thought BowWowWow was a good band (at least they liked Iron Maiden, though).

Benjamin W (ru) wrote: What the heck, Japan? That was seriously messed up. If it had a pizza delivery guy and a plummer, it might have actually had some semblance of plot . . .

Dave P (fr) wrote: Good, if a little slow. A bit dated basically. Beware the hideous Joan Baez songs which are randomly inflicted on the viewer. They are painful.

Bob W (ca) wrote: A bit lighter fare than its source material. I'll stick to David Lean's version.

Sue B (ag) wrote: John Wayne should never try to be a romantic lead.

jay n (gb) wrote: Lurid pre code drama, a bit on the absurd side but it does move quickly and Loretta Young is incredibly beautiful, she seems to glow in almost every scene,

Jamie C (de) wrote: Most action films have a sequel that involves the threat of nuclear war and M:I 4 is their first, And it's great, As I already said the story is about nuclear threat so nothing new but the way the story plays out is fun with some amazing action set peices and brilliant stunts thrown in which makes it one of most entertaining M:I to date, All the cast especially Tom Cruise were great plus Simon Pegg is in the main cast to add some humour and it works well in the film, It's not to be missed and if you're already a fan of the films then you won't be disappointed.

D Z (au) wrote: A perfect blend of humor, heart and power make this film one of 2011's best. Brad Pitt made this movie with the secret ingredients of modern filmmaking: real soul, breathtaking scenery and an inspiring true story.