Karl May

Karl May

This ethereal, three-hour biopic is the middle film in Hans-Jürgen Syberberg’s “German Trilogy” on the mythological foundations of the Third Reich. By fusing theater, music, and cinema, Syberberg conjures up Karl May (1842-1912), the immensely popular German author, who set many of his adventure novels in an idealized version of the American Wild West. His tales of the cowboy and the Ubermensch alike were beloved by many, including (Our) Hitler, who supposedly ordered his generals to read May works after defeats in the Russian campaign.

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Jamie F (ru) wrote: This is a GREAT documentary. Brings back fond memories of the early days of VHS rental tapes. It really doesn't seem that long ago to me.

Matthew S (br) wrote: Not a good film, but not so bad that it I stopped watching it. The main reason to watch is yet another amazing performance by Yoon Yeo-jeong. But even she can't really save this mess.

Leon B (nl) wrote: Review:How can anyone say anything bad about a heart warming movie with Morgan Freeman playing the lead? I saw this movie some time ago on Sky so I knew what to expect. Although I knew the whole storyline, I still found it quite entertaining I enjoyed watching the softer side to Morgan Freeman, even though he is playing a miserable git. All of the actors put in believable performances, and the storyline is well put together by the director. It's good that people are still making movies that rely on a great storyline and a good cast. Enjoyable!Round-Up:This movie definitely deserved a bigger gross. Morgan Freeman played his part extremely well and it really does show that he is in a league of his own. No one can play roles like these, as well as Morgan, which is why people always have him on the top of there list when it comes to movies in this category. Anyway, it's not the type of movie that will blow you away or watch time and time again, but if your in the right mood, you can't help but feel touched by this touching drama.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $102,000 (Terrible)I recommend this movie to people who are into there witty dramas about a grumpy old man becoming friends with a fatherless family. 5/10

Jay T (ag) wrote: Pretty good. One of the very good movies of Bollywood!

Alejandra P (jp) wrote: Uhhhh esta super bonitaaaa que dificil ha de ser llevar una relacion con tantos aos de diferencia pero que padreee, me encanto la pareja de Alex & Nikki q lindoooos!!! Y que pocaaa de los amigos se pasan y de la pepina q tenia como novia antes... Raoul Bovaa es guapiiisimo!!

Richard B (au) wrote: I actually really enjoyed this little indie quirky comedy quite a bit. Scott Prendergast does a great job writing, directing, and starring in this film. It starts off a little and cliched, but it gets better and better as the film goes off. I actually loved the mascot costume and loved every scene he wore it and found most of them hilarious. The plot is fairly simple, but I really enjoyed it and found it believable. The acting is very solid and the entire cast does well. Overall a very good quriky indie comedy that I enjoyed.

Sage D (kr) wrote: Loved it. Most coming out movies are cheesy or just stupid. This one has a realistic ending and good actors(:

Ashley S (it) wrote: Some funny bits, great cast.

Jonny P (ca) wrote: "Waiting for Guffman" is deliriously funny. This small town's community celebration is highlighted by their extreme lack of talent, all gathered together by the never-famous runaway from Broadway, Corky St. Claire. Christopher Guest again shows off his ability to weave together an absurd stereotype of a mediocre group of people. His script is great, but his acting in the lead role is even better as he pulls together a bunch of nitwits and turns them into acting... nitwits. The amazing thing is that the music from his shoe "Red, White, and Blaine" is actually incredibly catchy and good! And Lewis Arquette's acting in the show-within-a-show is really impressive. Guest's standard cast is intact with Eugene Levy as the cross-eyed dentist, Catherine O'Hara and Fred Willard as the married travel agents who have never traveled outside of their small Missouri community and don't have much acting talent, and Bob Balaban as the outcast music director (who ironically/conveniently is the only one with any talent). Every situation is absolutely absurd and is then exponentially magnified by these clueless characters and their leader. This film will be funny for any viewer but will strike a particular chord with anybody who has ever been involved in a theater production, preferably one that was embarrassingly bad.

Sarah H (mx) wrote: Why is she flirting with the kid? It's creepy! It's early 90s, and yet I'm still irritated with how people are acting, literally it's a B movie but the delivery of lines was just horrible. So disapointed in the music. You would think a former member or Oingo Bonigo and the brother of Danny Elfman could get better music than was in this movie.

Weul S (mx) wrote: A grizzled veteran catcher & sultry literate aficionado help mold an up-and-coming pitcher. Baseball is boring & baseball movies are barely any better.

Darrell T (gb) wrote: One of the funniest movies ever. This is Bill Murray's 1st film and he absolutely owns it. So many moves tried...and failed...to be the "next" Meatballs...Chris Makepeace is also very good in his movie debut at Rudy "Wudy the Wabbit". A very fun & funny movie. Yet another comedy that everyone born in the '70's & before, has seen...best scene is Bill Murray's "it just doesn't matter" improvisation. Pure brilliance.

Carol H (au) wrote: The consensus pretty much sums up my feelings for this movie.

Shawn W (ru) wrote: First rate action film with Glover peaking and Gibson playing a cop on the edge that cemented himself for years as an A-list star after the final Mad Max. Tension builds throughout and also features fine character development. Busey is in top form and makes a great heel. His best role along with Under Seige.

Daisy M (it) wrote: some good effects, some not good effects. didn't care about any characters. short and entertaining enough, but not something i'd watch more than once like the first one.