Kärlek deluxe

Kärlek deluxe

A musician tells an author about his big dream, only to find how she suddenly has written a story about him and his dream and wins a prize on a story that he considers belonging to him.

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sean p (nl) wrote: This is and absolutely fantastic film didn't see it until 12 months ago and was blown away by the action and suspense that this film makes, it grips the audience with an ever twisting plot into the human psyche. well directed and well produced film. best i've seen in a while.

Jack (br) wrote: Would like to see this.

Ray H (au) wrote: looks like I would like it

Doctor S (br) wrote: Tries so ridiculously hard to be arty/avant-garde/modern technically but only succeeds in making the movie unwatchable, thereby rendering the story as a distant secondary consideration. Not that this rehashed plot deserves any better treatment.

Michael V (gb) wrote: Great cast. Terrific acting. So-so story line.

Melvin W (ag) wrote: Mr. Simms: This ain't no funeral home! It ain't the Terror Dome, neither! Welcome to Hell, motherfuckers!"Where nightmares and reality meet on the streets."Tales from the Hood is actually a fairly decent little horror anthology. There's just enough humor to make all the stories go over pretty well. There are some recognizable faces including Corbin Bernsen(In the most ridiculous of all the stories) and David Allen Grier.After three gangsters descend upon a funeral home in order to get their "shit" a mortician begins to tell them stories. The first story is of a black activist who is bringing down the crooked cops. The second is of a young student who is being tortured by a monster. The third is a former KKK member is running for office and is living in a house where a huge massacre of slaves occurred. Now the slaves souls live on in little dolls. The fourth is of a gangster who has killed many of his brothers and is treated to the same sorta of deal that Alex was in A Clockwork Orange. Rating these stories from best to worst; I'll go with the young student as the best, crooked cops in second, A Clockwork Orange storyline third and the dolls in fourth.The best part of the anthology is actually when stories aren't being told and we are in the funeral home with the crazy mortician and the three gangsters. The start and ending are both really cool. The ending is hilarious, as is a lot of the movie. It's definitely worth a watch if you're into horror anthologies. As far as those go, Tales from the Hood isn't all that bad.

Daniel V (br) wrote: A slightly above average funny sci-fi actioner that pays small homage to the classic Aldous Huxley novel, A Brave New World. It never takes itself too seriously but earnest performances by Stallone and Bulluock coupled with a wonderfully over the top Snipes that pushes it from slightly above average to early 90s action classic. One of Stallone's best of the decade. A great double feature with Cliffhanger, Stallone's best of the 90s.

Dave D (fr) wrote: One of the best..........Succubus, Samuel L as a preacher, Blood, great killing, its a blassic. Pure Troma Bmovie gold.

Henrik S (kr) wrote: Just your regular run-of-the-mill western. If it wasn't for John Wayne, nobody would throw the skull of a drunken rat after this one.

Tim M (fr) wrote: Ouch! Makes you realise that however bad/mad things may seem they could be a lot lot worse!

Andrew G (br) wrote: Great performance by Conrad Veidt - even if he loathed his Nazi-type cast.

Mark B (gb) wrote: The only part of this movie that I found comical was when Ellen Griswold (Beverly D'Angelo) sang "Lovin' You" with Wayne Newton.

Arbi P (ca) wrote: Worst movie, don't waste your time! I can't believe they wasted money making this movie. Equivalent to Sharknado.