Kærlighedens melodi

Kærlighedens melodi


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Aaditya R (fr) wrote: its great and srk is back

Joe M (jp) wrote: A romantic-comedy about a white american having to deal with that his job has been outsourced to India, and now in order to keep his job he must travel to India and train the new employees. I originally did not want to this film, because of the how horrible I thought the NBC sitcom was. However, to this film's credit it does a great job of balancing the jokes and shows an appreciation for both cultures. This film also was not afraid to shy away from the poverty gap that is in India. While still finding time to makes jokes that were tasteful, and well thought-out. Overall it is a nice/decent film that can be worth a watch if up for it, but if you wait to long you probably wouldn't understand because call centers won't exist anymore due to the internet.

Stephen D (fr) wrote: I thought this was going to be better but it was great to see a cool hip scary lesbian croatian flick!

Simon T (de) wrote: Another ninety-minute Jerry Bruckheimer cartoon, all climax, explosions and attention-deficit editing. At least we have a good supporting cast who have the measure of what they've signed up to and can gently send it up. Nicolas Cage wears a particularly ridiculous wig in this one: he's far better in small independent movies. Just the thought of him as an action hero is pretty stupid.

Alain H (kr) wrote: Alicia Witt's performance is simply mind-blowing

Craig L (au) wrote: #1 and the best metal-paranoia horror movie. Fantastic soundtrack, including vintage Lizzy Borden. An English teacher hero who will remind you of why you despised certain teachers ("Ralph! Waldo! EMERSON!") Rubber monsters and Big P*ssy from the Sopranos as a pirate-hating homophobe. And it's all set on the Canadian border, as they have both the US & Canuck flags at the town meeting. The subtext targets the invasion of terrible Canadian rocknroll (e.g. Killer Dwarfs [cf. Hard Rock Zombies], Bryan Adams).

Tasos L (ca) wrote: If it wasn't so boring, it would be better..

Jane V (ru) wrote: Beautiful performances by Emmy and Madam Giry, yet Butler did not reach the full Phantom potential

Ahmed B (jp) wrote: his film is a winner. It will not only entertain you, but also make you think about what it takes to bring happiness into your own life.

Angel D (mx) wrote: Pretty good, but sometimes I think America too weak and that's why we always get demolished, if I was the leader I would of kill the 3 guys in the beginning with the little goat, but since it's America you have to let them go so they can run and get the terrorist and get killed.. other then that it was a good movie