Karm Yodha

Karm Yodha

Sameer returns to his city and witnesses a murder. Later, he and his family are attacked thinking that the dead victim has shared a secret with him.

Sameer returns to his city and witnesses a murder. Later, he and his family are attacked thinking that the dead victim has shared a secret with him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Toni S (es) wrote: I didn't hate it but I probably would have connected better with the characters if i saw it as a play on stage instead.

Nate J (fr) wrote: I actually really enjoys this movie. Sure, it's very basic with the story and doesn't challenge the viewer at all. But don't let that put you off, the visual effects and choreography are outstanding. The soundtrack and dance moves are awesome, and the final fused dance routine is very well thought out and great to watch. Really good film!

Rick Q (gb) wrote: Wonderful performance by Red West.

Colin K (au) wrote: I laughed at every Terry Cruz gag!

Tom E (ru) wrote: A budget movie about an evil corporation trying to perfect addictive sugar, that unfortunately has the side effect of turning its victims into raving, pustulant monsters. Worse that it sounds. Really.

Angel A (jp) wrote: A great Ova, Very good. Certainly satisfy any fans of the series.

Chris S (ca) wrote: "One of the most shocking films I've seen at the LA film Festival. Echoes Elephant and Wolf Creek. One of the best horror movies I've seen in years"

Erich S (it) wrote: Original and very bizarre. A must see if you like biology or wierd movies.

Freeman M (gb) wrote: It's not good, but the level of hate people have for it kinda baffles me. Trust me: there were MUCH worse movies that came out of 1996.

Corey B (br) wrote: Nothing special but still worth watching. Anthony Hopkins is typically good in it. I still want to see him in a movie where he was young, the earliest I can find is when he was in his late 30s. Even then he was good, it astonishes me how no one picked up on him till he did Silence Of The Lambs.

Jude P (kr) wrote: Eastwood delivers it and with thunder and bang. He rocks ! It's a bit macho as usual but has got depth in each single frame.

Stuart K (kr) wrote: After the successes of M*A*S*H (1970), McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971) and The Long Goodbye (1973), director Robert Altman took on an adaptation of Edward Anderson's 1937 crime novel of the same name, which was previously adapted as They Live by Night (1948). Whilst there were some who unfairly compared it to Bonnie and Clyde (1967), it is a very stylish and thoughtful period crime drama. Set in Mississippi in the 1930's, the film follows 3 escaped convicts, Bowie (Keith Carradine), Chicamaw (John Schuck) and T-Dub (Bert Remsen), and embark on a spree of robbing banks in the area. Bowie, the youngest of the 3 crooks, falls for Keechie (Shelley Duvall), who lives at one of the gangs hide-outs. However, after one bank robbery goes horribly wrong, it puts all of their lives in danger, especially the lives of our two young lovers. It's an underrated film from Altman, but his stamp of improvised but detailed direction is placed all over this film, it captures the era well, using the radio throughout to give the film a sense of date and time. Carradine and Duvall are wonderful as Bowie and Keechie, and it is a powerful but quirky film, well worth a look.

Jamie C (it) wrote: It was a pretty good film but it was very short but full of action and just what Dwayne does best.

Rafaele L (au) wrote: In Jean-Pierre Melville's great list of works, Leon Morin stands out as an oddball. It's not about criminals or war, but a small village where unusually tender-spirited priest guides lost lambs. Being a rarity in Melville's ouevre. it also is propably his weakest film. I see no clear reason for this movie to exist, other than it may have had some deep personal importance for the director himself. Jean-Paul Belmondo delivers an balanced, if unremarkable, perfomance as the kind priest. I'd say Melville was much more at home with Trench coats, guns, heists, smoky bars and men with little word and secret honors. A disappointment, being a work by Melville, but rather good movie in other standards.

Martin F (fr) wrote: i was a little drunk when i saw it so i will have to see it again to be able to be totally fair

Manolo P (de) wrote: So this horror movie, Emelie, barely scares. It tries to develop a psychological attack through the madness of the babysitter which is transmitted to the kids under her care. There's a good environment of tension behind this actress and the movie, but the plot is still poor and very predictable. The film desperately tries to engage us into pain and stress, but instead it results as boring and somewhat empty.