Kärringen därnere

Kärringen därnere


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2006
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Kärringen därnere torrent reviews

Tim N (ca) wrote: amazing creativity and originality.

Jackson K (us) wrote: Creative, but no ending, not scary, and no answers are given

Barrie L (de) wrote: Hilarious Movie with great casting!

Heather M (nl) wrote: There is no freaking way that I am going to waste my life watching this.

Desinee S (mx) wrote: that shxt is sooo Funny

Bengel W (es) wrote: The voices make the characters come to life and this is the best cartoon of them all. The script and humor is of the highest rank which is what one would expect from Disney. Family entertainment at its finest, keeping all viewing until the very last frame showing the skill of the directors and producers. Nibbles: Turkish delight.

John R (ag) wrote: 170208: I had always appreciated this film but, until this viewing, totally underestimated it. Trading Places is amazingly well written and cast product. This is Eddie Murphy in his prime and his character, Billy Rae Valentine, makes me laugh and laugh. Also featuring Dan Aykroyd, Jamie Lee Curtis and Denholm Elliott, this film is packed with top-notch artists. For such a tiny part, one time film actor James D. Turner, "Yeah", even generated a few smirks. Humorous beyond belief yet addressing sensitive topics like the class structure and race, I could see some using it as an excuse to riot at the time of writing this review. Instead of rioting however, I just laughed and reflected upon the bigger questions this film generates, and it generates many. With the passage of time, age and experience has made Trading Places, and the 1983 Jamie Lee Curtis, even more enjoyable.

Jerry C (ca) wrote: Purchased "War of The Buttons" on DVD from Amazon UK, (I have an all regions/formats DVD player - great investment), this film set in, and filmed, in the beautiful Irish countryside, is an allegory about the negative effects of war. The final confrontation, filmed on a cliff, is quite dramatic. The ending though turns out to be quite sweet.

Ondrej (kr) wrote: Racism, manhood, friendship. Human story about Korean War veteran coming to peace.

Deke P (mx) wrote: Love the Four Seasons, and the songs, but the truth in this movie was a little hard to take at times. Like a lot of other movies portraying how these groups actually are.

Sam M (de) wrote: Just all kinds of bad, but maybe I'm missing the satire premise. Exploitation as hell.

Samantha S (kr) wrote: Not bad, worth a viewing - not great either though.