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Karumadikkuttan torrent reviews

K G (kr) wrote: Very poor effort and does not live up to its predecessors ! Disappointing

Jam C (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies.

Colin N (jp) wrote: My personal favorite from the Hughes Brothers, a great period piece and portrait of a man's journey through tough times. Keith David plays a great part as Kirby and Larenz Tate makes a satisfying enough debut.

Dan G (nl) wrote: A true quality piece of really and truly horrific taste. I couldn't take my eyes off this delightful, jaw-droppingly twisted movie. You'll laugh (NOT for the wrong reasons for once), and, unless you're completely desensitized like me, you'll very likely feel a bit sick during a few scenes.

Tara H (br) wrote: This didn't get great reviews when it was released, but I think it's unfair. I suspect most critics simply didn't understand this piece of Southern Gothic. Though perhaps not an obvious choice as director, John Huston does a good job in adapting Carson McCullers' novel of sex and madness on a military base. Elizabeth Taylor is great as the callous Leonora, while Brando - although given to campy mannerisms - evokes the repressed homosexuality of her officer husband. Julie Harris, as an invalid wife, brings a contrasting gentleness into the mix. It's beautifully photographed and the sense of impending horror is always present.

Jacob T (ag) wrote: This is the 1st James Bond movie. It is one of the best action movies from 1962. The 2nd James Bond From Russia with love is better. But still this is a good movie see it.

Kaleb P (us) wrote: This movie is just flawless,the songs,the animation,the charecters,everything in this movie is just a masterpiece!best animated movie ever,and if not my favorite movie of all time,than definitely in my top three.

Emma C (ca) wrote: Hilary Swank's performance is incredible