Singer/Dancer Monty Oberoi meets and falls in love with Tina. He then starts hallucinating and having visions of an unknown place. His doctors advise him to take a break and he decides to travel to Kenya, where Tina resides with her uncle, Kabira, and guardian, Kamini. Monty experiences more incidents and feels as if he has been here before, while Tina notices that he appears to be more attracted to Kamini than herself. Neither are aware that Monty will soon be entrapped in a plot that will result in his sudden death.

A singer/dancer, while on tour, starts hallucinating and having visions of having been there before. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris M (kr) wrote: DON'T forget to Turn your Webcam OFF when Finished with your Computer.

Michael R (it) wrote: An okay recent low budget western. Surprisingly endearing.

Mac J (nl) wrote: Encrusted into my memory with delight :-)

Calvin R (jp) wrote: The concept is creepy, but the deliverance is not there. Lacked originality, and there were only one creepy scene. The rest was boring. Weak performances and no suspense.

Tara H (kr) wrote: A very silly film, but enjoyable enough. Sad to think Swayze and Richardson are no longer with us...

Jason D (jp) wrote: Kinjite - Forbidden Secrets is almost two movies wrapped in one. On one side, you have hard-nosed, no-nonsense taking cop played by Charles Bronson, whose one goal in life is to take down a villainous thug who runs a big-time child prostitution ring in LA. On the other side, the story focuses on a somewhat sleazy Japanese businessman (who is overly fascinated with sex) who gets promoted to the LA division of his job where he takes up new residency. These two characters come together when the businessman's daughter is kidnapped and thrown into the prostitute ring. There's a sub-story involving the businessman foolishly trying to diddle Bronson's daughter on a bus, which turns Bronson into a pretty mean bigot. When the daughter and businessman meet up again for a potentially intense and bad-ending scene, nothing happens. Very disappointing. Aside from that, Kinjite is said to be Bronson's best action movie, to which I highly disagree with. The film is sprinkled with some fun and entertaining scenes, especially a rousing climax and one of those perfect comeuppance endings for a villain, but overall, I was left feeling just a tab but under satisfied. Definitely not a bad film, but I've personally enjoyed other Bronson films more so than this one.

Nicholas A (mx) wrote: Bert Reynolds does Bill Murray before Bill Murray did Bill Murray.

Samuel M (fr) wrote: Una comedia ms que correcta que juega levemente con algunos clichs del gnero de terror, especialmente las de zombies, vampiros y aliens. Hay cierta sensacin de querer ser una pelcula que homenajea a los ochenta al mismo tiempo que hace comentarios disimulados sobre el cine actual.Ms all de eso, tampoco es que sea gran cosa, pero si te gusta el gnero, puedes pasar un buen rato.