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Kas torrent reviews

Greg W (nl) wrote: gr8 cast makes this com-dram go

kylee s (ag) wrote: nice for kids.......kids love it even me

Jay A (br) wrote: The story of a senior citizen, late-in-life romance, which takes a while to get going because so much is left unspoken. And yes there's a major twist.

Neechia A (kr) wrote: Lord somebody bones dun fell OUT!!!!! I LIKE THIS MOVIE....FOR ALL THE LOW DOWN DIRTY MEN AND YOU TOO FREAKY WOMEN....LOL

Stephanie H (fr) wrote: i dont know if i watched this or not

Megan N (nl) wrote: Good movie pretty weird plot

Mikey O (ag) wrote: One of my top 10 favorites of all-time! John Patrick Shanley's award-winning script is illuminated by a better-than-stellar, Oscar-winning performance from Cher. The entire cast (down to the minor characters) are so well-played and portrayed. It's iconic!

Greg W (ca) wrote: Typical Raquel Welch bounce and leer action from her heydey.

Elijah B (mx) wrote: Everyone bashes this film because of it's innaccuracy to the real life tory of Lon Chaney. Well, back when this film was made, no one really knew the finer details. In life, Lon kept to himself, and at the time this film was very accurate. It is well worth watching. James Cagney gives a stunningly cathartic performance as Chaney, and Jim Backus (Gilligan's island) co-stars. Thank God this film is finally on DVD. For so long ebay would sell it for $100 per disc, or the pirated copies were always bountiful. The picture quality could have been better, considering it came from Universal, but ll in all, this should not be missed.