• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1943
  • Language:Bengali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Kashinath torrent reviews

Kathryn S (ru) wrote: Really enjoyed this movie. Another great Aussie film with plenty of laugh out loud moments. Recommended viewing.

Bavon W (au) wrote: Sometimes falls into soap opra terratory but relatable stories abound.

Robert M (it) wrote: And more Foreign Action Movies. Currently on Netflix. Donnie Yen doesn't disappoint.

Chris H (ca) wrote: Good movie but fucking disgusting...It was more disgusting than scary @[email protected]

Clyde K (ca) wrote: beautiful, honest, strong movie

Brian R (es) wrote: Paul Schrader's Mishima is a landmark film, the story of a successful writer who built a private army, created tensions with left wing society, held a garrison hostage, and was able to commit suicide on Nov of 1970. Schrader recreates these events based upon Mishima's famous novels. My favourite out of the three novels is Kyoto's House(1959) the story of a young man who is unhappy with his body, decides to take up bodybuilding, and get his mother out of debt. The young man, through the help of a woman who I believe is a loan shark sets up a deal to buy him as her slave in exchange to clear all debt charges on the man's mother's store. He agrees but their companionship becomes more intimate and to some weird, since he shows up at the woman's house in bruises and cuts. The other novels in the film is "A Temple at the Golden Pavilion"(1956), and "Runaway Horses"(1969) shown with stylized sets and beautiful colors by production designer Eiko Ishioka. The cinematography by John Bailey is beautiful, filmed in b&w for Mishima's isolated childhood years, bright colors for Mishima's novel's, and present colors for the writer's last days on earth. Paul Schrader's direction is highly excelled. Schrader knows Mishima's story inside out and now it is on screen filled with great exuberrance. What made me love this picture the most was the young man and his mother, it's a strong theme that I recognized the most, a sort of nod to Alfred Hitchcock and the non-linear style of storytelling. Again little things like that is what I find always fascinating in movies.

Patrick O (ag) wrote: I thought it was a parody of pseudo-intellectual drivel. Since they didn't seem to be getting any closer to the punch line, I left after 45 minutes. It wasn't actually serious, was it?

M C (jp) wrote: Jason X is not very good but it's quite entertaining. This is a pretty fun movie, but it has a lot of issues. Even with the colorful setting, it all feels a bit more generic. I know lots of the Friday the 13th movies follow a pretty basic slasher formula, but the good ones always have something inventive to keep it interesting. In this the characters are a bit bland, and the plot is uninspired feeling copy-pasted from any of a slew of scifi movies like this one, but overall it's still an enjoyable film. It's cheesy and gory and that's all it really tries to be. 44/100

Andres G (mx) wrote: With a style similar to the one by Arriaga and Irritu, Rodrigo Garca pictures a tangled story of women, their daughters and the different roles in an adoption.Really good moments on this movie mixed with others that seem too artifficial or manipulated.