Kasturi Nivasa

Kasturi Nivasa

The story of an extremely generous and righteous man, Ravi Varma, who succumbs to his intention of being generous no matter what happens.

The story of an extremely generous and righteous man, Ravi Varma, who succumbs to his intention of being generous no matter what happens. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carrie V (ru) wrote: If I could give less than one half I would but it was so awful I highly recommend seeing it!! Just watching their breath when they talk on what's suppose to be a tropical island is awesome!!

IVRt (au) wrote: A very suprizing storyline... not really much acting was needed for this type of film... the doctors experiments were way out there.. and in the end... the docotor becomes " The Subject "

Al N (mx) wrote: The best ozzie film of the year!!. A great black comedy about illegal boat people arriving in Australia to only be greeted by the harshness of the outback.great locations and good interaction between the characters and languages, along with alot of funny moments make this a must see.

Ariel R (ru) wrote: Pretty good. I enjoyed the story.

Brandon W (es) wrote: My friend wanted me to watch I, Robot as I've never seen it before, even though I wanted to see it for quite some time. I'm glad that I got to see it because I, Robot is a lot of fun to watch. It stars Will Smith as a police detective who hates robots and come across a suicide that he thinks is something else more than that. With Will Smith in it, he'll always have fun with what he does, and in this, he's still charismatic as ever. Bridget Moynahan is good in this, and their chemistry together is funny and entertaining to watch. I didn't know that Alan Tudyk was in this and voice casted as Sonny as he's not only unrecognized, but also doesn't sound like him too which is really good. The plot has some interesting twists in there, but there were also some predictable twists and does the cliched cop tropes in it. The special effects are really cool to look at, the way that some of the camera moves during the action scenes, whether it spins around the character or goes around so that we see the character go around the platform, can be nauseous for some to watch, but it doesn't do it often, and it's also really interesting and quite something that I've not seen before and would like to see often instead of the shaky cam that barely works in some movies. The writing provides some thought-provoking moments, and a lot of funny scenes, even if the thought-provoking aspects are far in between. I, Robot may be a very dumb smart summer movie, but it knows how to have fun and entertain the audience, which is more then I can say for some summer blockbuster films these days.

Jessi t (gb) wrote: I refuse to succumb to this supposed good taste. I don't care how beautiful a film looks when it's this oppressively boring. This film boasts only having 39 shots, and while it is interesting to watch for this, goddamn, I'm a fan of edits. See, five minute shots of people walking with no dialogue come off as slightly self-indulgent and pointless to me. I'm also a fan of plots, of which there is none in Werkcmeister. It's chock full of pretentious monologues and grand metaphors, so if that's your thing, then by all means. I don't think anyone actually enjoys this shit, though. No one is ever going to turn to his friend, "Oh man, let's watch Werckmeister Harmonies! The scene where you watch an old man get undressed and ready for bed in real time is to die for!" It's beautiful, all right. But joyless.

Mike T (it) wrote: Claire Denis exercises brilliant directorial control in this brooding, deeply shocking film. The pacing of the story disarms the audience, so that when it reaches its gruesome climax we feel it on a physical level. Beatrice Dalle is terrifying in her limited amount of screen time, and Vincent Gallo is extremely convincing and understated. A beautifully made film that achieves a strong sense of atmosphere and tension. The score by Tindersticks is outstanding too. One of my favorite films from 2001.

Kyle f (it) wrote: Another over-looked quality horror film that features a boy with a fear of clowns facing three psychos dressed as clowns who break into his house. I loved every minute of it.

Ann L (br) wrote: MACARTHUR Good film. Quite interesting. Realistic and compelling historical drama about U.S. 5-star General Douglas MacArthur. Gregory Peck gives a first-rate performance in the leading role. The story begins at the time of Gen. MacArthur's evacuation from the Philippines with the Japanese invasion of Corregidor and finishes up with his dismissal by Pres. Harry Truman at the time of the Korean conflict in the early 1950s about a decade later. Watching the highlights and lowlights of his career during this period, I came away with a much more complete understanding of this man's immense contribution to the Allied victory in the SW Pacific during WWII but also his part during the post-war Asian occupation and massive rebuilding program leading up to the highly controversial Korean War. The bitter power struggle between General MacArthur and Pres. Truman was well played. Ed Flanders was exceptional.

Jeff B (it) wrote: A lot of this seemed like almost a remake of "The Searchers" from five years earlier, but the emphasis was split between two characters stuck together and coming out the better for it. I didn't really get the same feeling from John Wayne and Jeffrey Hunter in "The Searchers" as I did from Jimmy Stewart and Richard Widmark in this film--the latter were far more likeable, and so the movie was more straightforward than the earlier movie. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing because it allowed a bit of a comedic feel to permeate the film. I liked it.

Thomas P (br) wrote: I still like A Fear of a Black Hat better than this movie, but this film is still a great addition to comedy. And it's the first film that made fun of Gangsta Rap, if you don't count Fear of a Black Hat.

Niklas S (us) wrote: Sometimes I just don't know how movies come to production.

Kevin M W (au) wrote: Joe Campbell inferred that cultural and societal change was usually delivered by the outsider, the lonely soul (part of the job description) who sacrificed himself to bring "fire" to the clueless group. In an interesting take on that tale, Newman plays a white guy raised by Indians who endeavors, despite his better judgment, to raise the bar so to speak. But this is an ensemble piece and zowie, what a work it is, quiet and brooding, an understandable emotional reply to the "that inhumanity is just how it is" worldview. The director, Martin Ritt, was blacklisted and so knows a thing or two about being an outsider and that mojo translates here onto the screen.