Due to a failed séance of her flat mate's quirky grandparents, the cat of law student Maria gets possessed by demonic powers and starts some horrible massacres, adding even more trouble to Maria's already complicated personal situation after the split from her boyfriend Henrik.

Due to a failed séance of her flat mate's quirky grandparents, the cat of law student Maria gets possessed by demonic powers and starts some horrible massacres, adding even more trouble to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carrie T (us) wrote: Super 8 was fun for the most part, with a sense of an 80s movie it is able to dazzle many children and adults alike.

Alex M (au) wrote: Boooooring! Really thought this would be something I'd find interesting but it fell flat, as did I in the cinema!! Zzzzzzz

Ralph R (us) wrote: "Ira Hayes.... Ira Hayes.... Call him drunken Hayes, He won't answer anymore. Not the whiskey drunken Indian or the man who went to war."

Mark B (au) wrote: This is a porno without the sex. In all seriousness, one of the worst movies ever.

Michael S (au) wrote: Tame "inside Hollywood" satire that pales in comparison to other Hollywood satires like David Mamet's "State and Main" and Levinson's own "Wag the Dog."

Jarryd R (us) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Olga N (ag) wrote: Two divorce attorneys fall in love with each other and although this is not a fairy tale it definitely is a fantasy movie.Love line: happily ever after.

jawwad s (au) wrote: saaf nirbheeknidarkamal hasan supar

Octavian (fr) wrote: [Interested: cannot find.]

craig m (ru) wrote: good medievil actioner

Todd F (ag) wrote: The story of a pleasant little southern town that is forced to deal with typhod and the KKK. Admirable, practical preacher.

Brandon W (kr) wrote: Demolition Man is an awesome movie that I did not expect it to be better than I thought. The plot may be your typical action movie, but it does have a futuristic twist to it that leads to a lot of hilarious moments. The script is great, and Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock are absolutely terrific. It gets into the future really quick, and the future is really different from the other future films I seen. The future looks cool, and it really does lead in to a lot of fish out of water jokes which are really funny. The chemistry between John and Huxley is really good, and the villain is really memorable. The action scenes are really good, and it's cool to see what's different in the future. Like I said, the plot may seem like an average action movie, but Demolition Man is an exciting, and fun, movie that seems to be a bit underrated in my opinion.

Mo B (es) wrote: Rating: 83%Though not as thematically or deeply entertaining as its predecessors, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade still has gleefully sporadic action and excellent acting to look forward to.

Kurt B (es) wrote: Loach must be one of the most consistent filmmakers I know. From the thematic to the cinematic, to the tear-jerking moralism, he always delivers a tidy, yet predictable, package.

Carl P (ca) wrote: Project A sums up everything you could ever need from early 80s Hong Kong cinema. All of the fight scenes are well choreographed and long enough to keep the pace of the film running smoothly, the bike scene in particular is a work of genius which doesn't seem to end. Oh, and did I mention it's funny? Well it is. The bar brawl scene near the beginning shows some moments of great comedy, particularly the moments between Chan and Biao Yuen. But of course the true star of the film has to be Sammo Hung who steals the show with his perfect comic timing and his still surprising athleticism for a man of his build.The story is pretty standard. Chan plays a sergeant in the coastguard who is part of a team preparing to bring down a pirate crime lord. Yuen is a police detective and Hung is a thief who is also friends with Chan. So when the 'bad guy' Mr Chow tries to hire Fey (Hung) to steal 100 rifles for the pirates he goes to Chan for help. There is plenty of double crosses throughout the film to keep anyone guessing just what is going on, but it is all lighthearted and for comical purposes. The films climax (when they implement Project A itself) is also pretty impressive with a great final fight, followed up by a truly funny end snippet on a boat.Simply put, Project A is a very funny action film which I would certainly recommend. Now cue outtakes and the obligatory 'ouch!'