This intimately-constructed drama traces the consequences of the tumultuous political and social changes that swept through India in the years since pre-Independence 1937. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Facebook U (de) wrote: I will say this about The Innkeepers, if you're looking for just a straight up horror movie, you'll probably hate this movie, but if you like movies in general, then you'll enjoy it. I think real film lovers will appreciate all the build up as well as the likable and well fleshed out characters. The problem with horror movies these days is that they jump into things too quickly, and as a result don't build up the plot and characters. The Innkeepers gives you enough time to get to know it's characters and like them so you actually care what's happening. This really good tension, but it feels like the ending didn't really pay off, which is a real shame considering all the build up. Oh well, I'd rather have a movie with a few scary-ish moments than a movie littered with cheep jump scares.

John B (ru) wrote: There isn't a lot of love for this film but I think it represents one of Macy's finest roles. In true Mamet fashion, the film is as much off its rocker as its main character but Macy takes us to dark places most effectively.

Frances H (jp) wrote: Interesting and amusing film with a strong performance by Michael Douglas as a gleefully bi-polar father who drives his no nonsense teenage daughter to distraction trying to find buried treasure.

Sujen S (jp) wrote: wonderful story, one of best from indian cinema

Alexander C (nl) wrote: The setup is promising: The Romano mob family know that they're being betrayed by a hidden FBI informant in their ranks, so they decide to send a family member under cover to destroy the evidence against them.

Nate T (fr) wrote: Witty an outrageous humor abounds as Atkinson shines in his tailored made role in the first of two feature films. The cast appears to be more than willing and able to handle the material here.

Fanny L (de) wrote: Amazing Movie based upon a true Story

Alison D (nl) wrote: Crazy book and film...I am all about the crazy and depressing!!

Brinn O (br) wrote: Hulk Hogan is to enjoyable to not give him a chance. Only thing I hated about this was the kids.

Mark T (kr) wrote: Not as bad as it was perceived at the time of release. It took a bit of a hammering from critics expecting another out and out Chevy Chase comedy. It has its moments, though the script is rather predictable.

Richard S (es) wrote: I enjoyed this film. Isabella Rosselini was outstanding.

Tim S (fr) wrote: I walked into Fiend Without a Face somewhat cold. I halfway expected a plot involving evil brains of some sort, and I got exactly that. I'm not like most people in that I try not to read as much as I can about what a film is going to be about before I see it. Walking in cold gives me the most honest reaction, without any preconceived notions or having my hopes dashed when it sounds great only to find it to turn out to be terrible. Well, this movie isn't terrible, but it's not great either. However, I do find it fascinating that it's actually a British production, set in Canada with mostly American and Canadian actors, but all shot in England. I also find it intriguing that people were actually frightened by flying brains on mostly visible wires. I'm not detracting from the film because effects like this weren't easy (the stop motion stuff was actually very good), but I wonder just how well that stood out to audiences in 1957? Its real shortcomings are in the face that it's laborously paced and contains far too much plot and not enough character. It also spends most of its time spewing exposition. The one scene that was at least halfway effective is when Jeff is locked in a crypt... only to be released several hours later. It starts out rather creepy, but ultimately goes nowhere, and the explanation for why he was locked in the crypt in the first place is absurd. So yeah, the movie certainly won't win you over with a fantastic script, plot or dynamite performances, but its ridiculousness and setting you should find intriguing enough to warrant seeing it.

KJ P (es) wrote: One of the cheesiest, yet one of the most beautiful romance films I have ever seen. This film tells the tale of an older woman, as her family is not as happy as they used to be before their father (her husband) passed away. As she begins to fall for their family gardener (Ron), he does whatever he possibly can to get her to love him back. He is far to young of a man for her, but that is not a factor that will stop this beautifully told romance from ending. There are moments where the dialogue is too corny to not chuckle at it, but the heart behind it is magnificent, and even in the final moments of the film, you still share all the feelings that you shared since their first on-screen presence. "All That Heaven Allows" is one of the best romance films ever made. It has charm, happiness, force, love, and the will to not let anything get in the way of romance. As it seems the romance is tearing the family apart and Ron is not being accepted into the family, it just makes the audience have more faith in life that it will all get better. This film is blissful!

Justin R (mx) wrote: Classic sci-fi about contact with an alien life form, while on the low end of '50s sci-fi as opposed to '50s classics like "Forbidden Planet", "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", it's entertaining if you're a sci-fi fan like myself

Jennie J (jp) wrote: BF had never seen this, and I have always liked it. It's a bit dated, but just the Dad's one liners are worth watching again!

Carlos M (fr) wrote: With wonderful performances from an excellent cast, this extremely important, heartbreaking and infuriating drama exposes the revolting indifference and intolerance of American authorities in the early years of the AIDS epidemics - something that cost the lives of a lot of gays.