Kathari Veera

Kathari Veera


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1966
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  • Reference:Imdb
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Kathari Veera torrent reviews

Andrew K (fr) wrote: Poor storyline, poor script and some really strange camera work.

Brendan S (au) wrote: One of the best sports movies of all-time

Ollie W (jp) wrote: Apart from the bizarre celebrity walk-on's (although Depp as a Transvestite with an enormous anus isn't without it's merits) and the grating insistence on broken English-Language throughout, this is a beautiful biopic, gorgeously captured by Schnabel's intimate cameras and Bardem's flawless central performance as the openly Gay, politically harassed, deeply talented Author and Artist, who's plight is shown beautifully and tragically juxtaposed to the rise of the Cuban Revolution.

James D (de) wrote: Can't wait for the 3rd Austin powers

Shane D (ca) wrote: Having recently gone through a Blaxploitation phase, I had finally gotten around to watching this classic starring Jim Kelly. Strangely unable to find a copy on DVD, anywhere, I had to settle for a VHS copy...which probably only made it feel even more authentic! Following the same theme as almost every other film of its kind, central character gets wronged by a rich white guy, who is using a local thug or pimp as a henchman, action, violence and nudity ensues. The soundtrack is catchy but devoid of the big "star" artist and perhaps thats why this film doesnt get remembered as often as its counterparts. Jim Kelly who got his start alongside Bruce Lee, karate kicks his way through the 90 mins in fine form. In reality the only missing element from this offering is any real social commentary which is another trademark of films of its ilk. But, sometimes you just wanna watch someone in tight polyester pants kick the sh*t out of some folks, then get the lady in the end. Simple as that.

Tim B (ag) wrote: Mickey Rourke is a badass in this movie. But he is a badass in every movie he is in.

Wouter V (ag) wrote: Ok movie. Got to love the armbar at the end.