An ex cop arrives in Athens after the murder of his wife. Approached by the chief of police, he reluctantly agrees to help take down a mafia ring. Thus begins a circle of blood that becomes more and more violent as the hero goes deeper into the case. When he is asked to abandon his mission, he refuses; nothing seems able to stop the violent outburst of a man desperately looking for catharsis

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:74 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Greek
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Katharsi 2009 full movies, Katharsi torrents movie

An ex cop arrives in Athens after the murder of his wife. Approached by the chief of police, he reluctantly agrees to help take down a mafia ring. Thus begins a circle of blood that becomes... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eliel L (mx) wrote: Tiene muchos elementos de una pelcula familiar de ciencia ficcin, pero le hace falta ese encanto y no ofrece mucho a pesar de su formato.

Edward C (fr) wrote: I'm willing to give fantasy/sci-fi a lot of latitude, but this just plain stinks. Clearly intended for kids/teens it's ending was a foregone conclusion making every moment of "suspense" a lost cause. It's based on a book and it seems clear that the film-makers expected one to have read it. On the plus side: the special effects were fairly good and the New Zealand scenery most impressive.

Julie T (us) wrote: A young American girl and fianc go on a pre wedding honeymoon to Italy , where she finds herself answering the letters of the love lorn written to the immortal Juliet Capulate. She finds a letter overlooked for fifty years ( Italians are obviously not very careful with the mail ) and answers it, this causes an elderly English woman and her Grandson ( played by a young man who has zero charisma, and an English accent to rival Dick Van Dyke for most aweful English accent ever, please tell me he's not actually British) and together they travel around Italy searching for the old ladies lost love. What started well, with a sort of qwerky theme, desolves into a predictable rom com, with little com and no real rom.

Jonathan C (de) wrote: Visually striking and action packed, but falls short due to it's confusing story.

Christophe M (de) wrote: Ce film aurait d sortir au cinema plutt qu'en DVD directement. Il est vraiment super mais sa conclusion est tellement frustrante, pas dans le sens o elle laisse le spectateur sur sa faim mais parce qu'elle est trs raliste et pessimiste. Je vais pas en dire trop mais ce film nous montre tel que nous sommes lorsqu'on est confront un danger....et le constat n'est pas brillant !

Michael I (br) wrote: A by the numbers coming of age story that defies all expectations.

Private U (gb) wrote: and i just found out that it was kurosawa's last.

Adriana M (us) wrote: bad movie! don't waste your time or money!

David G (ca) wrote: Terrific. Great to see again after all these years.

Ron H (mx) wrote: Bob Saget naked in the first two minutes, I swear to God. Despite that, the movie is cheesy fun and there's two or three really solid jokes. Alan Arkin does that thing that Alan Arkin does and Adam Arkin does that thing he does. Surprisingly, worth watching.

Michael T (ag) wrote: Stylish, chic, clever.

Dillinger P (au) wrote: Sometimes it is the most simplest of ideas and executions, that actually grip us as an audience the most. Dial M for Murder, is without a doubt, one of the best examples of this. Based on the theatre play and soaked with Hitchcockian content, Dial M, is set around a love affair between Margot Wendice and Mark Halloway. When Mark comes to visit the already married Margot and her husband Tony, Margot explains to Mark how she had been receiving odd letters from an unknown source, claiming that unless she paid the source money, they would expose the couple to Tony, a washed up Tennis player. Worried about what may happen, the love birds float around an idea of telling Tony, however before they can Mark is forced into a string of dates with Tony himself and it appears that Tony plans to hire someone to kill his wife and to reap the financial awards from it. It's extremely basic stuff, however the performances and dialogue thrown from Grace Kelly, Richard Cummings and of course Ray Milland is extremely gripping stuff. They are all wonderful actors, in their own right, and here get quite a lengthy, however fairly static, piece of material to work with. Hitchcock, naturally unfolds the story in his usual, expertly crafted way, giving visual clues and hints, making the viewer feel like they have stepped into the shoes of Paroit. Each scene and shot is meticulously crafted and serve purpose, there is very little, if any filler in here what so ever. This is testament to Hitchcock himself, he doesnt burden the viewer with too much, he merely gives them all they need and by the conclusion, we find ourselves being extremely satisfied with the conclusion we are left with. It is also, extremely dark, its amazing to think that the content of this film back in the day, was deemed fairly standard and its brilliant to watch a more toned down but equally tense and chilling crime thriller at work here. You are completely enveloped into the characters, situations and actions and you will constantly find yourself gripping the edge of your seat, not just for the good guys, but for the villains also, which is a rare talent. Conventionally we are taught to root for the good guys, regardless of how appealing and interesting the bad guys motives and ideals may be. Some directors even go as far as to flip this technique on its head, having you root for evil over good, however Hitchcock does a rare thing here, by allowing you to see complete motive behind everyones actions, although not exactly a conventional way of dealing with things, you can understand Tony's frustration, he is out of money, his wife is cheating on him and is desperate to achieve some form of closure and right of passage. He has reason and motive for hatching his plan, Hitchcock never shows it as being acceptable, however he shows it as a conclusion, that someone may come to, under the right circumstances and he furthers this with a brilliantly choreographed scene between Tony and the would be killer.The killer, although coersed into his actions, finds it acceptable enough to go through with the plan, these are small details, but they are details that matter. Dial M for Murder, is a brilliantly crafted master class in film making, it is so overly simple it becomes complex and brilliant, it oozes character and its tension and suspense will have you gripping your seat for the run time. Are there down sides, well if I were to nitpick John Williams as the detective does come across as slightly over acted, but he isnt terrible and the focus is so firmly rooted on the love triangle that he serves only as a means of moving the story forward and unravelling the twists and turns. He is needed and although his execution is nowhere near as perfected as the great James Stewart in Rope, another brilliant Hitchcock piece, he does do exactly what his character should do. It is a minor niggle and thats the great thing about Hitchcock, he knows what the focus should be on at all times, and he executes this practise flawlessly with this film.

Brian B (es) wrote: The remake is way better!

Kenny B (fr) wrote: Found footage movie about the discovery of dinosaurs. Pitty that it suffers from sloppy editting. OK for the kids though.

John D (ru) wrote: Just saw this film On Demand, and don't understand the lack of critical praise for this picture. Across the board the writing directing casting acting cinematography are all very good. Taught story telling, action sequences, romance, surprise twists, clever cutaways, all made it a great ride for me. JD