Nisha (Mumtaz) loves Vishal (Jeetendra) and they get married. Ignoring basic driving safety rules they end up in an accident. Vishal needs serious surgical attention. Nisha tries to raise ...

Nisha (Mumtaz) loves Vishal (Jeetendra) and they get married. Ignoring basic driving safety rules they end up in an accident. Vishal needs serious surgical attention. Nisha tries to raise ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kathputli torrent reviews

Paul D (ru) wrote: There's lot of references to modern history and culture throughout, most of which will be lost on its very young target audience.

Brandon K (jp) wrote: not to bad jackass if funnier

Jim H (br) wrote: This is an absolutely ridiculous movie that overblows a fairly interesting plot while skipping over explaining the most interesting bits. But Katie Cassidy's performance is so damn magnetic that it makes up for most of the shortcomings. If only she could be this good on Arrow...

Prateek G (kr) wrote: Again one of my Favorites

queentiek q (de) wrote: It is the fantastic movie ...

Cody Y (de) wrote: Quite moving. I tend to forget how unaccepting and homophobic people can be. This film made me pretty angry at points. The soundtrack rocks.

Dean M (de) wrote: Worst Aussie spoof of the legend of Australian bushranger Ned Kelly I ever watched. Really ridiculous and dull with no laughs.

Kevin R (br) wrote: People don't want to feel. They want to be entertained. A happily married television series writer is inauspiciously contacted by his schizophrenic ex-girlfriend from college. She tells him a tale of their son, that he never met, and giving their son up for adoption. The ex-girlfriend and writer head out on a mission to find their son. The writer's wife, skeptical of the ex-girlfriend's motives, follows them and gets into her own trouble. "Are you giving somebody a blowjob? You're not! Well, thank goodness." John Kaye delivers Forever Lulu in his only directorial picture. The storyline for this movie was better than I anticipated and I found the characters fascinating. The acting wasn't perfect or particularly great but the character development was still very good. The cast delivers mediocre performances and includes Patrick Swayze, Melanie Griffith, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lee Garlington, and Penelope Ann Miller. "For awhile we were so close that we only had one heart." I have been DVRing Joseph Gordon-Levitt pictures lately and decided to give this picture a shot. I actually really liked this film for the most part. The performances do not make the film, but the storyline is very good and it is definitely fun to watch the film unfold. I recommend giving this film a shot. "Give me the razor." Grade: C+/B- (6.5)

Henrysmovieguide C (fr) wrote: Pure entertainment. I liked this movie, and it was very fun and silly to see. However, it can sometimes get caught up in the Muppet slapstick.

Colin C (fr) wrote: Really quite fucking good.

Rachel C (gb) wrote: The first French film I watched and understood without benefit of subtitles. Very funny.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Romper Stomper is a powerful and full-on drama about skinheads that gives you an understanding of where they come from, and how they face society. Aussie gold

William E (kr) wrote: This movie is a cheese factory.

Tanner B (de) wrote: Waterworld (1995) ???Rock solid adventure spectacle with Costner in a (what else?) post-apocalyptic world completely covered in water. He meets with a desperate woman and her child and tries to help them find dry land, but like all these sorts of movies, there's hungry savages creating parallel every step of the way. Pokey-too pokey-at times, and leads to an inconclusive ending, but amazing set-design and dazzling stunt work keep it afloat (no pun intended). There's also a wonderfully amusing turn by Dennis Hopper as the head bad guy.

Robert B (jp) wrote: My Dinner with Andre is one of those films you may well hear about, because it is really pretty different. This is the kind of film where you have to have (or have had) a lot of existential curiousity to be able to enjoy it. The less you think you know about this world, the more interesting you will find Andre's tales to be. Beyond that, you may still find it interesting if you can relate to the quest for meaning and happiness and you think of yourself as a student of human interactions. On the other hand, if you have low tolerance for weirdness and fancy, then you are likely to find yourself to be irritated by it all. There is a question of how high to rate it as a film since it seems to be just a recorded conversation. I rate it down just a bit on that account (seems unfair to other films), though I find there are some subtleties to be picked up on, and I found Wallace Shawn to give a pretty good performance with his sincere and mildly intense reactions to Andre (and at one point finds something to be INCONCEIVABLE!). Recommended to artist- and entrepreneurial types that find themselves often wondering over the edge of the World of Appearances.