Kathy T

Kathy T

In the harsh light of a college media center is a line of graffiti that will change the life of a young college student. Meet Alex, a quirky musician/songwriter, poli-sci-literature student...

In the harsh light of a college media center is a line of graffiti that will change the life of a young college student. Meet Alex, a quirky musician/songwriter, poli-sci-literature student... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah H (ca) wrote: Apparently dramatic lines are better in English ,or at least that is what they say in the movie. It was cut, basic romantic comedy where the two eventually fall in love

Niki G (au) wrote: a.k.a. Ice-T gets stoned and talks about music with rappers! I don't mean that cynically...it really does seem to loosen up these tough guys and gets them to talk about history and how they put music together. The access that Ice gets and the candor with which these artists speak is certain unprecedented. Don't believe the hype? Huh-huh-huh-huh? I never really listened to much of it other than the overtly popular. But that didn't interfere with my thoroughly enjoying this excellent documentary about the creative process.

Chris W (ru) wrote: Imbued with a deep-set melancholy of lives wasted and opportunities missed and moving at a very stately pace, Nebraska could've been a chore of a movie. But Payne peppers a surprising amount of humour throughout and allows a wonderful cast to savour their beautifully written characters to make the film effortlessly transfixing. It's a simple tale but Nebraska is a gentle, touching family drama that is well-played, well-written and a delight to watch.

Jim L (ru) wrote: You know...I used to think it couldn't get any worse than The Day After Tomorrow as far as world disaster movies go. Boy, was I wrong. I saw this piece of environmentalist tripe on Netflix and I am so glad I never paid to see it. Let me lay the premise out on you. A solar eclipse opens a hole in the ozone layer and the mesosphere, which the movie makes a point time and time again to tell you is the 'coldest place on earth', mixes with the ocean to create a 'cold front'. Yes, a solar eclipse. The premise is even stupider than Day After Tomorrow. The message of 'stop polluting' is so heavy handed, too. There are a few times when the characters out-right just say "Humans destroyed the ozone layer". Subtle. So, it stars Michael Shanks, who you may know as Daniel from Stargate SG1. I guess he needed a paycheck now that the great TV Stargate shows are all gone. He doesn't even seem to want to be there. He's boring and wooden and never seems engaged in his role at all. Not that I blame him. I'm sure he realizes how stupid the whole idea is. I am not going to go into much of what happens because it's the same thing you see in every one of these movies. The main character perceives a problem and no one listens to them. The disaster hits and they realize he was right. People work to try and solve it. The main character comes up with a solution and again no one listens to them. The first plan fails and they finally listen to the main character who saves the day. We've all seen it countless times, especially in the movie this one is blatantly ripping off, Day After Tomorrow. The characters are completely unforgettable. The antagonist is a stereotypical corporate asshole who hates the main character for no given reason. I'm serious. He never accepts the word of Shanks' character and constantly talks about pushing him out of the loop even though HE WAS THE ONE WHO DISCOVERED THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE, but never once does he explain why he mistrusts the guy. Eventually he admits he was wrong and, of course, Shanks' plan works to fix the ozone layer with missiles to create lightning or something. How lightning will fix the atmosphere, I have no clue. Of course, there's also the side plot of the main character and his wife who are about to get divorced because he actually does his job. It's the same song and dance as in every other disaster movie and you would be surprised if it didn't end up with everyone being a happy family again. And, of course, it does. There's also an odd side plot that goes no where involving the antagonist cheating on his wife who we only see in one brief scene. She's on a cruise. He asks a couple times during the disaster for people to find out about his wife and in the end it's just assumed that she died because we never see it on screen. Of course, he doesn't really seem to care when he finds out, so I guess we shouldn't either. All in all, it's a movie where stuff happens. They focus on different characters throughout, but we don't care about any of them and there are no dramatic deaths of any of the people we are supposed to care about. Just avoid this movie. If you REALLY want to see a disaster movie, watch Armageddon. At least it's got Bruce Willis in it and you can pretend you're watching Die Hard in Space.

Rohit V (ca) wrote: this one also was great...

Kristine Dianne L (fr) wrote: wow! the last part of the movie werethe baby was inside the fridge and no more life it made us (family) all cry!

Matthew O (ag) wrote: Andrea Arnold took the Oscar for her short film wasp, and 'Red Road' would be the debut feature length film. The film is a gritting low budget brit film based in murky Scotland, which bagged the director the Cannes Jury Prize in 2006. There is a lot of talent obviously from Arnold.'Red Road' Follows a CCTV worker Jackie who catches a face on one of the camera which brings back torment and anger for Jackie, reasons that are at the time unknown. This appearance releases a series of bizarre behaviour by Jackie to track down the man in the video.A strong central performance from Kate Dickie is the centre piece here, and a number of other supporting roles that come in strong support.The direction and script is strong, but the pace of the film can be seen as a problem, at nearly two hours the film can be seen to take to long to get to a resolve, there are interesting character studies with Jackie and a number of other characters. Still although a satisfying ending, it takes a long winded way to get there. A few shaping with the editing would have made for a much tighter less baggy film. Still except a lot from Andrea Arnold in the future.

Eliabeth C (ca) wrote: zZzZz..really was such a waste of time

Liam M (nl) wrote: A fun, gore filled splatter fest that on occasions may act a lot smarter than it actually is.

Jennie S (ca) wrote: I wasn't overly impressed. The writing had some potential, but with issues like character development, it seemed like a stalling engine. The progression would start, accelerate, and then seem to just sputter to a stop. Repeatedly. I am all for suspension of disbelief when seeing a film, but this stretched it too far for me. I couldn't even finish it, which may be part of the reason behind my low rating. I am willing to concede that, had I watched it to its completion, I might not be quite as dissatisfied. That, unfortunately, was not a risk I was willing to take.

Pakee W (ag) wrote: A sensitive and realistic film on infidelty.Dialogues straight from real life.Performances from Aftab,Amesha and Esha are so sincere and believeable.The music is very emotional and beautiful.Overall a film that touched my heart and kept me glued to the screen till the very end.Esha Deol simply rocked!

Ihra L (us) wrote: Denne kommer ikke opp nr det skes p tittelen. Irriterende. Det ryktes om at dette bare er porno, men det er bare lgn. Den er vel en av de mest homoerotiske filmene som er, men det er torturen og spykologien i det hele som er poenget. Det er ofte veldig komisk nr det antageligvis ikke skal vre det, men det gjr bare at det ikke blir kjedelig. De fleste av stjernene fr den fordi den har de peneste bildene av mannekroppen jeg noengang har sett. Faktisk. Haha.