Katia's Sister

Katia's Sister

An intimate look into the life of a 13 year old girl in northern Amsterdam who 'looses' her Russian mother and older sister to the cruel world of prostitution. Little sister remains alone in a flat at the IJ-square. Through her unconditional love and her lack of inhibition she manages to keep her head up in the relentless world of porn, drugs, and neon ads.

Some people find her removed from reality. Her older sister Katia even thinks she's stupid. But this is only a first impression, perhaps the result of her subconscious desire to remain a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex r (mx) wrote: wayyy to over the top and ridiculous. another crazy family flick but this time they went to far to try to be wayyy to silly. not to mention the movie ends way to suddenly and is only 70 minutes long

Ron C (de) wrote: Not 5 St*rs but pretty close. It gave me the feeling of the movies of the mid-'60s (Blow-Up- '65- David Hemming, David & Lisa -'62- Keir Dullea). I'm gonna watch it again soon to capture some of the moments I missed the first time.

Connor C (de) wrote: Decent action thriller. Hadn't seen any of Scott's films previously so wasn't sure how good he would be, but he is pretty good in this. Tointon and the supporting cast all play their roles well. Actually works despite only taking place within the confines of the train for the majority of the film.

Lisa W (kr) wrote: That was so poorly done. Wow. Terrible.

Charlie G (gb) wrote: Hilarious. Fashioned after Animal House.

Zach M (ca) wrote: Vincent D'Onofrio should have earned some critical acclaim for his charismatic turn as '60s activist Abbie Hoffman. This quick-cutting biopic takes a look at the price Hoffman and his family paid when he became a counterculture hero to the hippies and public enemy number one to the FBI. The documentary-style shots and vintage soundtrack hits are cool but dizzying. Once things level off, we learn more about the struggles of Hoffman's wife (Janeane Garofalo) than the man himself. And while you may be inspired to get off your lazy ass and change the world, you'll still be left wondering who the real Abbie Hoffman was.

Cole M (ca) wrote: While this isn't hilarious, it does reveal some "truth" in the Hollywood system. I didn't like "Burn Hollywood Burn" initially, but it has grown on me.

Michael S (kr) wrote: Mel Brooks followed up "SpaceBalls" with this disaster at social commentary. The thin plot involves a rich land developer trying to live on skid row for a month to win a bet. It's cheap looking and mostly laugh free. The highlight is a loopy, Kafka-esque scene in a hospital. I wish the rest of the film was that demented.

Peter F (kr) wrote: Sick, voyeuristic, shocking and utterly fascinating! This early film from Pedro Almodavar is yet another testament to his unique sense of wonderment, in this violence/sex parallel that ties into Spain's matador culture. Antonio Banderas also gives a great performance.

Matthew P (es) wrote: "So I said, why am I laughing? We're doing it doggy-style and your name is Barker!" "Hi, Jeff? You rammed into me today and I want seconds." "Your career was on hold ever since you killed that family of four. It was a family of six, I only killed four. I mean, who has a picnic is their backyard anyway?" Great dialogue but some scenes last longer than is necessary.

Susan P (us) wrote: It was okay. A different movie for the time, but it looks dated. Anthony Hopkins is great. Some creepy/sad imagery. Questionable story regarding reincarnation and one of the most annoying Burt Renyold's clones ever.

John C (au) wrote: Great old time Godzilla musical score and some good battle scenes for the era it was made. The aliens themselves were a little lackluster, but not a bad little sci-fi flick. Any fan of Inoshiro Honda movies will like this one.

Brad S (jp) wrote: This was my first time watching this masterpiece that was an early part of the French new Wave. Gorgeously shot in B&W with an innovative flashback structure. Alain Resnais started the project as a documentary and then decided to make it his first feature. Just a gorgeous film with an interesting story-line. I also liked the score. Highly recommended!

Freeman M (fr) wrote: Not as bad as it could be, though it proves something I've always suspected of Lawrence: he's less of an actor and more of an onscreen clown who's hit-or-miss when it comes to jokes.

apollo h (es) wrote: this movie never gets old, should be watched often