“You bet on someone in the beginning of the process and then you wait and see what life does with them.” This is how Czech director Helena Trestikova explains her long-term documentaries. Following on from the European Film Academy Award winning RENE (2008), Trestikova brings us KATKA – 14 years in the life of a drug addict. KATKA is an extraordinarily raw and uncensored character portrait of a troubled young woman living on the edge of human existence, desperately searching for love and salvation. Will she find it in the rehab? Will she find it in the arms of the man she loves? Or in the first cry of her long-desired baby? Tagging along with her through the back streets and squalors of Prague, Trestikova gets deep under the skin of a person most of us would cross the road to avoid, and shows us Katka’s profoundly human face. You might be angry with Katka, or your heart may go out to her. One thing is certain – you will never forget her.

Helena Trestikova is the author of 10 episodes from the series Women on the Brink of the New Millennium, intimate portraits of both successful women and women on the social periphery. The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Katka torrent reviews

De A (us) wrote: I don't understand the low ratings. It was a very very good movie. So much subtlety and mind-play. One or two quick "give aways" but if you lose yourself in the story, it's easily ignored and I was enthralled by the statement of the human condition.

Brendan S (nl) wrote: boring and useless from start to finish

Yannick D (kr) wrote: The concept might have seemed like a good idea on paper but the final product is enraging in a number of ways. The key issue is the many characters: The few who are engaging and believable just aren't given enough time for their stories to have any impact which leaves the movie weightless.

Jason M (kr) wrote: A true original. Jane Horrocks deserved an Oscar nomination that year.

leah f (ag) wrote: I'm no tree hugging Lorax, but this is one the best environmental films for the masses around. It'll bust your caps with it's not-at-all-subtle message a little bit of the time, but the bedazzling visuals will carry the movie along without wading through awkward preachings.

Kevin B (mx) wrote: camp over load... camp over load... camp over load!!!

Billy E (de) wrote: Cheesy, but awesome!

Davey M (de) wrote: Ealing comedies are the sweetest and the charmingest and pretty much the best movies ever. I think this may be the ultimate Ealing comedy. Not necessarily the best--too many of them are too great for a best--but the culmination of the Ealing comedy spirit. Glorious.

Russell H (br) wrote: It was ok until I watched grasshoppers flying for the eighth time only to be followed by about 50 extra minutes of "when does this movie end" time. If you're gonna make a shitty movie, end it quickly.

Areeque T (us) wrote: Twists. And more twists. No arc to the story though.

Michael L (br) wrote: Poignant and beautiful film about love, loss, recovery and forgiveness. Phenomenal performances by Dench and Coogan guided by a direct heartfelt script.

David R (nl) wrote: Nice solid little Sci find film that flew under the radar when made with years ago