Katt Williams: It's Pimpin' Pimpin'

Katt Williams: It's Pimpin' Pimpin'

Taped live during a performance at the historic Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., Katt Williams' third stand-up comedy special finds the outspoken funnyman offering his unique take on ...

Taped live during a performance at the historic Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., Katt Williams' third stand-up comedy special finds the outspoken funnyman offering his unique take on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Katt Williams: It's Pimpin' Pimpin' torrent reviews

August S (gb) wrote: A romantic comedy overflowing with wit, humor, and charm that you'll forget about the flaws and just enjoy the great performances of each unique characters. One of the best Romcom I've seen.

Paul D (de) wrote: As stressful to watch (for the wrong reasons) as the characters lives which are depicted. It's a very mainstream approach to a love triangle.

mike p (kr) wrote: This is a seriously disturbing portrait of pro skater Marc 'Gator" Rowgowski, whos rise and fall to and from fame culminated in his murdering his girlfriend and burying her in the desert. Great footage of old skate jams and interviews with those who knew him best. He was a cocky son of a bitch, who's now just sucking alot of cocky in prison!

Julia Y (br) wrote: O MY GOSSSSSH u have 2 see dis 1 very old and very scary but u kno wat they say olddie but a goody

Erika K (fr) wrote: Your run of the mill college "thriller"...

Lucas M (ru) wrote: Holy Shit! God forgiven this filmmakes, they don't know that they are doing!

daniel m (it) wrote: classic comedy staring one of the goats of comedy. Good ole happy just wanted to be a hockey player but no matter how many baseballs he let hit him in the chest in the batting cage to get tough he was born to be a golfer. He needs to make quick cash to buy his beloved Grannys house back to keep her away from a crazy mean doctor at nursing home (ben stiller). He has to battle shooter mcgavin on the golf course and will get help with lessons from a familar face in poplular sports movies Apollo greed. funny movie thats stood the test of time

Anthony C (ca) wrote: Hullk cant act his way out of a paper bag.This trash proves it!

Andr D (gb) wrote: Una apologa al alcoholismo? Puede apostar que s. En su segunda colaboracin con el legendario coregrafo Yuen Woo-Ping, Jackie Chan interpreta a un joven Wong Fei-Hong y utiliza la tcnica de los 8 dioses ebrios enseada por su etlico maestro. ... Eso hay que verlo para creerlo.

Jonny B (ca) wrote: A mood piece by a director not best known for overwhelming style - helped by the wonderful Nestor Almendros ('Days of Heaven') as DP. It's hard to believe someone of Isabelle Adjani's beauty has to go through so much obsessive behaviour to acquire a mate but her acting from sweet to deranged is a brilliant one. Truffaut's directing is more eloquent and darker than usual and may throw some fans off. 'The Story of Adele H' is a sumptuous period piece that's well acted and an impassioned story of how far love can drive someone into obsession. One of the highlights on Francois Truffaut's movie-changing resume.

Private U (ca) wrote: Agree with Abe about the yank actors - excellent film otherwise - Kim Ki-Duk at his controversial best

James W (ru) wrote: A truly horrible movie, but not for the reasons you would think.Sure the humor is pretty cliched and the plots are predictable, but what really made this movie such a bad movie is that they used the sexist idea that these girls were trained to be super elite operatives, but of course all the training and purpose went straight out the window when the girl sees "normal" girls acting girly, and hence the rest of the movie is nothing more than the incorrect assumption that no matter how well you train a female operative, she is always going to let materialism and boy lust be her main objective.Good old Hollywood doesn't want that gravy train to dry up so they keep making garbage like this hoping a younger generation will stick to the plan that women should always care more about the color of their nails than being a productive member of society or, in this case, an elite operative maintaining world peace.A quote by Samuel L. Jackson's character in the movie sums up what this movie thinks about women. Talking about an agent they need to locate "Don't let her good looks fool you, she has an IQ of 140". Giving the idea that those who are "pretty" are usually dumb.If this movie had been made 20 years ago, it's "message" would have been more accepted, but now it's like hearing the racist old man down the street complain how different races moving into the neighborhood are lowering the value of his house.Degrading, billed as an action-comedy, but no humor to be found and a dull burn through tired cliches.

walter w (it) wrote: Not bad for a low budget flick. The director needs to learn to keep the pace a little better...........but still worth a view!

Randy P (ca) wrote: Waste of good talent at work. The hope for this premise to actually pull off was not even possible. No good.

Hli L (au) wrote: The atrocities in Sarajevo are not an easy or popular subject to take on but serve as the perfect backdrop for Winterbottom who seems more focused in exposing the disgusting side of journalism in a world that is now so used to watching shit hit the fan for entertainment. I just wish it were compulsory viewing for media vultures...