In this unflinching German drama by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, a group of young slackers, including the couple Erich and Marie, spend most of their time hanging out in front of a Munich apartment building. When a Greek immigrant named Jorgos, moves in, however, their aimless lives are shaken up. Soon new tensions arise both within the group and with Jorgos, particularly when Marie threatens to leave Erich for the outsider.

Jorgos, an emigrant worker from Greece, joins a group of young people usually hanging around. This foreigner incites hostility and jealousy among them, and he is insulted as a "Communist" ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason J (mx) wrote: A cameraman witnesses a suicide in Shinjuku station and becomes convinced that the person must have seen something so terrifying that he chose to end his life. He discovers a door that leads him to a subterranean world underneath Tokyo. It is there he finds a young naked woman that's chained to a wall. He takes her home but upon inspecting her teeth surmises that she isn't completely human. She doesn't eat or drink anything......except human blood. Now the cameraman must find a steady supply of human blood to satisfy the woman in his flat.A strange but fascinating J-horror, very much like one of H.P Lovecraft's stories of a journey into the mind of a sick man. It's a very good example of how imagination and a good plot can make a movie work even with the most limited resources. This original story is disturbing and unpleasant, using a morbid and creepy atmosphere to unravel the twisted mind of a deranged man. Not everybody will appreciate it.

Douglas L (jp) wrote: The girl is pretty creepy I will give her credit. But other than that it is a generic, no character movie that rushes its ending which inevitably gives no thrills.

Elaine M (nl) wrote: If they had replaced all the scenes without Christina Ricci with scenes with Christina Ricci, it would have been fantastic...

Russ B (it) wrote: 3/26/2016: An ok movie with an interesting cast. The story was good, but there weren't many laughs.

Sara A (au) wrote: I love it, even there are other movies like it.

Evan H (br) wrote: this movie has a feel-good feel to it! It's enjoyable from beginning to end!

Christopher T (br) wrote: A guilty pleasure! What's not to like, beautiful location, beautiful people, plausible scenario, and wonderfully fun soundtrack. Has one of the best life lesson lines in it, (roughly) "Jealousy doesn't show how much you love someone, it shows how insecure you are."

Michelle H (de) wrote: A childhood fav. Great family film, possibly too dated for the majority of todays audience to be bothered with, but for fans of old British cinema, it's a must see!

Madeline M (kr) wrote: I really liked Amitabh Bachchan and the music, but the story itself is just okay.

Al M (ag) wrote: Simon of the Desert represents the third in Bunuel''s trilogy of blasphemous films starring Claudio Brook and Silvia Pinal. Like the two predecessors in the trilogy (Viridiana and The Exterminating Angel), Simon of the Desert is an absurdist tale about faith, organized religion, sin, and temptation. The film concerns the historical tale of Saint Simon Stylites who stands atop a pillar in the desert for years on end with only minimal contact with the real world. As he stands atop the pillar, the devil assaults him with various temptations, possessions, etc. The film's plot echoes the three temptations of Christ, the Book of Job, etc. But Simon's seemingly noble quest for enlightenment and closeness with God becomes absurd in itself as the devil mocks him and tempts him. The devil, who is female, functions as both comic relief as well as a voice of reason in the film. Simon's quest is never articulated in a manner that makes sense and his instructions to the neighboring priests always seem confusing if not incoherent. Ultimately, Simon of the Desert criticizes blind faith and religion without skepticism. Beautifully shot, bizarre, and trippy at times, Simon of the Desert represents a great late work of surrealism that continues Bunuel's exploration of religion's relation to the human condition.

Roger G (kr) wrote: This movie "opened the floodgates of '50s Science Fiction" with the most accurate depiction of real space travel imaginable at the time. Parts almost seemed like real documentaries I have seen from the 50s, helping to give it a realistic feel, mixed with fascinating details of space travel and drama. To an audience in 1950, it must have been at least as good as 2001 - A Space Odyssey was to audiences in 1968.

David J (fr) wrote: Nicolas Winding Refn's "Bronson" is a surrealist black comedy about Britain's most violent prisoner.

Brandon W (fr) wrote: Chernobyl Diaries is a terrible horror movie that is just forgettable. The acting is poor, the scares are just jump scares which weren't really that effective. It's not original and it's filled with cliches. There were so many stupid moments that I didn't even care if they live or die. The camerawork is so bad and shaky that it might as well be a found-footage movie. The only things I can come up with are that the atmosphere is really good and effectively creepy, and that the history of Chernobyl is interesting when they talk about it. But they are not enough to recommend the movie.

Robert K (ag) wrote: "This is a spooky house" Creepy psycho-drama with Dan Grimaldi as a murderous pyro with mother issues. His one and only friend tries to set him up and keep him from losing his job, but in the end, he gets FIRED. Worth a watch, especially for the ghoul girls. They're quite an act.