The past 70 years in Switzerland as told from the perspective of a hidden minority: the history – and personal accounts – of lesbians, their relationships and international networks, their search for an identity and for meeting places. A narrative of their political struggle, masquerades and subculture in this country. Supplemented by well-known footage from films and television, the film portrays five women from different generations, giving us an insight into their lives and allowing us to see life “on the other side” in a different light.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Swiss German,German,French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:cat,   lesbian,   lesbianism,  

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Katzenball torrent reviews

Abdulai F (kr) wrote: ... ? ?... , (C) One of the Best Documentary i had seen

andrew c (de) wrote: An utterly pointless movie written so that the director could get loads of his famous actresses to undress

Frances H (jp) wrote: Cute "slice of life" comedy about getting out of a rut and finding new enthusiasm by trying new things, because life is too short to plod along with the "same old, same old."

Eddie G (mx) wrote: wtf,;sso fucked up, and stupid i would saytoo many storys in movie, and they don't even have ending, whole movie don't have end, and those parts that have some kidn of ending it's good thing but, movie is so fucked up, just liked ppl were back in those days in 90's war time :)

Gina B (gb) wrote: Way cheesy acting. Haha.

Kim B (nl) wrote: I found it rather boring because the plot was so thin. It is a musical but a slow moving musical. Obviously u could tell who was going to wind up with who right from the start. I did enjoy the message and the chemistry btw sinatra and kelly tho. One scene with jerry the mouse was neat. Obvi sinatra and kelly are very talented-sinatra with his voice and kelly with his tap dancing. The one female actress could also sing well in that fairytale high pitched-opera princess sort of way. I just wish the movie hadn't been so long- def could've been cut done some. Not sure why it got nominated for best picture.

Aj V (kr) wrote: It's realistic and the actors are good, but the story isn't exciting, it's a boring drama, more like watching real life than a movie, at least the ending was okay, but overall it's pretty boring.

Jeffrey J (ca) wrote: I must take issue with the mediocre reviews. This was one of Roger Moore's finest outings as James Bond. Reviewers at the time agreed to that, and having rewatched a bunch of them lately, I agree. Great action and humor, with no CGI.

Greg W (mx) wrote: a bit of a slow burn but when it gets going it was 4 me a 3 jump movie.