Kaun Kise Da Beli

Kaun Kise Da Beli


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Berni E (jp) wrote: Such a beautiful film.....very special.....Ben Whishaw is utterly amaaaazing. The story and the script is completely original.

Philip J (it) wrote: Don't listen to the critics. I kinda liked this one. It's an entertaining creature feature.

Davi (gb) wrote: very funny man..verry funny. i dnt know how much i laughed.

Brody M (br) wrote: Gold Diggers was like watching 1 of those way over the top wacky 80's comedys.I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually enjoyed it

Rhiannon P (ru) wrote: Sure, this movie's hating on men big time, but I still loved it!

Augustine H (fr) wrote: Michael Keaton seldom plays a villain but he portrayed this gruesome tenant magnificently here for he makes you think twice before renting your property to someone.

John A (au) wrote: Before Freddy Vs. Jason There Was Chuck Norris Vs. Michael Myers, Seriously The Villain, In This Piece Is Like Myers, He Won't Die. Norris Is A Sheriff Who Must Defend His Town From A Madman, Who Has Been Brought Back To Life, By An Untested Chemical, Making Him Unstoppable. If Chuck Can't Stop Him No One Can. Great Build Of Suspense Makes This Film Extremely Enjoyable

Dylan D (it) wrote: Lion of the Desert isn't Lawrence of Arabia, but it's a very strong, reliable, beautifully crafted, precisely acted, and often intoxicating story of man, war, and the conflict between barbaric imperialism and spiritually based nationalism. Inside is a classic tale of rebellion, but the film draws its focus towards the men who would lead each side, culminating in a fabulous sequence between stars Anthony Quinn and Oliver Reed. It's a film that's certainly not a significant presence on the broad movie watching public's radar, but it's a film deserving of a wider audience and greater admiration.

Ersavas G (kr) wrote: interesting to see people r still making movies like that!

David S (nl) wrote: As enticing as it is to see Stone practicing golf putts in her underwear, there isn't much more to this 'Basic Instinct' clone, despite the interesting theme of voyeurism, or rather being a voyeur, that is occasionally touched on. This theme was probably explored more subtly in Ira Levin's novel, but here it is an excuse for gratuitous (and unintentionally funny) sex scenes, and recycled thriller cliches. Despite the super-modern high rise, there is still the basement launderette that the woman in peril gets stuck in. It's nothing more than a glorified B-movie.

Jane H (us) wrote: Lovely film really compliments Roald Dahl's book. The wonderful David Jason voicing the BFG doing what he does best since the Del boy days. My grown up son still loves it.

Austin V (ru) wrote: I made the horrible mistake of watching the extended version of this. 20 minutes of interesting deep-sea footage stretched into a 90-minute snoozer.